Which Is The Best Bit Torrent Search Engine

Bit Torrent sites allow the users to download and upload multimedia files for free. They allow users like you to enjoy and actually download their favorite songs, movies, TV series, books, and more without spending a cent. These sites also include file rating and ranking system to ensure the quality and safety of the files.

According to Compete.com, the top 3 Bit Torrent search engine sites with the most number of unique monthly visitors include ThePirateBay.se, Torrentz.eu, and isoHunt.com.


Active Torrents: 4,291, 377

Peers: 34 million

ThePirateBayThe homepage has a very simple layout without crowded advertisements. Searching for files, however, will direct you to the search results page with the different advertisements. The file names include icons which say if the file is safe to download. An example is the green skull for “VIP” and pink skull for “Trusted” which both mean that the file is uploaded by a reliable and respected member and is less likely to be fake.  You can also view user comments to ensure that the file fits what you are looking for.

The Pirate Bay also has Top 100 lists for music, applications, movies, games, and others to keep you updated on the most popular files being downloaded.  They also have a search category for TV series which is very helpful for users who do not want to miss a single episode. You can directly download the file without being redirected to other Torrent sites.



Active Torrents: 8,548,144

Peers: 31 million

isohuntThe homepage layout is quite busy and filled with isoHunt articles, stats, shout out box, and advertisements. Search results are sorted out by “isoHunt Rank” which is based on ratings and comments. The files on the top of the list usually received the most stars and positive comments with numerous seeders to match. It is very easy to monitor the files’ reliability.

The higher the green numbers with the plus sign are, the better the file’s quality is.  Files to be avoided are easy to find by the red font numbers and negative comments. Some of isoHunt’s advertisements include adult contents containing girls dressed in skimpy clothing and other suggestive photos.



Active Torrents: 7,297,672

Peers: 69 million

torrentz-euThe homepage has a simple and easy to use layout without too many advertisements. You can sort the search results by relevance, date, size, and peers in addition to sorting the ‘good’ from the ‘verified’ files. Torrentz is a meta-engine search engine. This simply means that the files are not downloaded directly from Torrentz but they find other search engines and recommend them to you.


Conclusion: Which is the Best?

These sites are the most visited Bit Torrent search engine sites. They are all competent when it comes to database size and variety. They differ on how they sort files and present them to you. IsoHunt is the easiest to use due to its isoHunt Ranking system which is a simplified but very functional way of monitoring a file’s reliability.

ThePirateBay and Torrentz use a relatively average ranking and sorting system such as by the number of peers, file size, and date uploaded. IsoHunt uses simple green numbers that mean good and red numbers which mean bad system. All sites are free to use and does not necessarily require any registration. Legal issues have been incorporated with peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing system. It is advised to be more cautious in downloading or uploading files.

What Bit Torrent search engine do you use? Have you tried the three mentioned sites? Share your stories and comments about this article below.

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