What’s TuneCore & How To Set Up An Account

TuneCore is a service where music is distributed online. This is the chance and the venue where music is marketed through retailers on the Web such as eMusic, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, Zune Marketplace, and others.

Consider Where to Market Your Music

As soon as you have your information to your album uploaded, consider now your distribution markets. But thinking which online distributor you should go, consider some aspects below:

• Deal for label or licensing. Remember not to include whatever that can breach against agreement such as a label or a store enclosure for a certain area that stops you from marketing your songs to a different territory.

• Pricing. Consider the costing of every music store that you select. You should keep in mind that the pricing for each store has to be all computed to your budget. For instance, you pay for each penny for each store that you pick.

How to Set Up an Account


Here are easy steps on setting up an account through TuneCore or any online distributors. Click the tab for “My Stores” in order to select from the variety of available stores or from the array of what you desire to use. This tab can be found in the checklist part of the album.

1. Clicking that tab lead you to a list where you can select the songs and here you can find “Deliver My Music to.”

2. Read more about the store information, their background such as offered services and the agreement and other deals.

3. Use the box “Deliver Here” when you are ready to pick a store. It’s required to verify the retailers’ rights.

Among other stores that you can select from, there’s only one store that caters to physical distribution and this is in Amazon. Tangible product is not necessary in using this type of retail distributor. Amazon makes your song albums or collections available for sales. If a music fan decides to get a copy of your album, one copy is pressed up by Amazon and this is shipped to the buyer, with a seal and artwork completely done. Amazon is very popular for this type of service option unlike other retailers. Yet, you should study all available information before selecting which online distributors work. No costs are pressed for this type of option especially when you decide to show the products physically.

At this process, you are free to include as many stores you want and you can remove any of them whenever you like it.

Reconsider Cover Art for the Album, and Upload

When you reach this stage, you should have already finalized all the retailers you have in mind. Navigate through the album checklist located on the right part of the screen, and hit the button for “My Artwork.” Then, this will switch you over to a page that would require you to add cover art.

There following are your selections for the artwork:

• Use your computer file and upload it. The required minimum pixels should be 1600×1600 pixels. This should be shaped squarely. This is a minimum of 72 dpi and RGB in terms of color mode. Only .gif, png and jpg are the allowable formats. Upload your file by hitting the button for browse to search for a file that you would like to use from your PC.

TuneCore creates your artwork. You can use this in the absence of ready to use cover art from your computer files. Select the options for “Make My Art.” You will be directed to a page with a wide array of templates for artwork that you can choose and just simply add any necessary information regarding your album release. There are hundreds to choose from in order to create a distinctive album artwork for the cover. In your album, you would now see the artwork on the cover. You can start adding music to TuneCore.


Uploading Your Music

The most fun part is putting in your music to the online music retailers sites. Simply select the tab for My Songs from the checklist for the album. Then, this will direct you to the page where you can supply the songs to the album. Add the title for the song one at a time and if applicable, put the code for ISRC. You need to choose if there are overt lyrics or not.

Then, uploading for the track starts. Browse through your computer file and upload. Continue with this process until you complete the tracks for your album. Do not forget that for every song there is 99 cents cost.

The requirements should be 16 bit stero for the audio music file and 44.1 khz.wav. There is also a tutorial part for TuneCore that can instruct you in converting the files using the required formats.

If all the steps are completed, you’re ready to distribute your albums.

The Payment Part

Shelling out some amount is the least like stage. But the good news is that the prices are reasonably affordable. The total cost sums up the number of songs you released and the stores that you selected. For TuneCore service, you pay a flat fee and allot 99 cents for each song and every store. If all are done completely until the payment part, within certain time frame, your music is active on the retailer distributor stores.

Are the procedures for setting up an account helpful? Share your experiences when you attempted to make your own account.

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