What Are Royalty Free Music Downloads And Where To Get Them

As a quick definition, “royalty-free music” is music legally bought for a one-time fee, without the need to pay for dues in the future. As such, purchased royalty free music can be used over and over by the purchaser under any circumstance and for an unlimited time in the future. Other websites offer the tracks for a limited number of uses. Rest assured however that the number limit of the use of these tracks is high and thus, virtually unlimited.

Royalty free music is usually used for big stage projects, videos, and multimedia CD’s when songs have to be acquired for long-term and multiple use. Purchasing royalty free music is important, especially today, when the issue about piracy is getting bigger. With royalty purchasing, you can use your music as many times as you want without violating any copyright laws.

To show you the steps to download royalty free music, let us use a prototype website, Shockwave-sound.com. It is one of the websites that led the way to the boom of the royalty-free music downloading industry. It has different types of genres, composers and music for whatever production you have in mind. So, let us get started, won’t we?

Below are the steps in downloading songs from Shockwave-sound:

ShockwaveStep 1: Go to their website and choose your song.

You can choose a song from the music genre category on the right hand side of the page. Alternately, you can type the name of your track or any keyword related to your track in the search bar found on the right hand side of the page as well. When you have chosen your songs for purchase, click add to cart.

Step 2: Check-out and pay

Once you are done putting your songs “in the cart,” proceed to Checkout. You then have to choose the payment mode with which you are going to pay. The company is affiliated with 2Checkout, WorldPay and PayPal. These modes of payment are all easily accessible and very available.

Safety is ensured as the company will not be able to access the credit card numbers of the buyers.

Step 3: Download your song

After settling your fees, go to Return to Merchant and then click Proceed to Products Download page. You will then be brought to a page where you can download your products, and view your official invoice and music license certificate.

An email message will also be sent to your email giving you the link to the download page. This way, anytime you need access to your link, it will be readily available to you.

Note: There is a “Retrieve Order” page that will help you retrieve your link in case you were not able to get your songs through the download page or through the given link.


As said above, this is a prototype website and ­a ­how-to tutorial. Other websites are available in the internet offering royalty-free music. Some of these may operate the same way as Shockwave-sound.com, while some may require membership and other addition safety features. Rest assured, however, that Shockwave-sound.com will meet most of your royalty-free downloading needs.

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