Using Your iPod As A Storage Device And Moving iPod Music Without iTunes

Did you know that your iPod can be used as a USB flash drive that can store your music, pictures and any other type of data? Did you know, too, that just like a typical USB flash drive, it can also be used for transferring files from one computer to another? Yes, you can do all of these with the aid of iTunes.

But what if you don’t have iTunes? Or, what if iTunes, for some reason, is not your software of choice? Fret not. Here are some programs you can use as a substitute to your iTunes.

Use your iPod as a USB Hard Drive with DiskAid

DiskAid is one of the most commonly used software that enable iPod users to use their favorite gadget as a storage device. Once it is installed and downloaded, it can be used as easily as one would use an ordinary USB flash drive.

This software has a drag-and-drop feature which helps you transfer files between your iPod and your computer with more straightforwardness. More than this, the iPod does not have to be jailbroken for it to be compatible with your iPod, making it a very user-friendly software. With this, you can now store and organize your data even without the aid of your iTunes.

Downloading DiskAid

Download DiskAid

Step 1: Download DiskAid.

Search for this in any search engine or simply go to their website: Click the download button and save DiskAid to your computer.

Step 2: Run/Execute the software

After you choose save, you will be asked if you wish to run or execute the software. Choose run/execute. This will launch the Set-up Wizard. Click on next to automatically begin.

DiskAid 1

Step 3: Agree on the terms

Terms of agreement will be shown to you. Just press next. However, make sure that you have read and do agree with the terms fully.

Step 4: Desktop shortcut

A dialog box may appear, asking you if you would like to create an icon for your desktop. You may not; but it would be advisable to do so for your own convenience.

Step 5: Start the installation

After you have decided whether or not you want a desktop shortcut icon, just click next. This will automatically begin your installation process. Click finish right after. After this, you are all set to use your iPod as a USB flash drive.

As said above, however, music-playing, picture-viewing, and storage are not the only perks of your favorite gadget. It can also be used to transfer music. And yes, even without iTunes. Read on to find out how.

Transferring iPod Music without iTunes

There are several classes of software which you can use to aid you in transferring files from your iPod to your computer and vice versa without iTunes. Here, we list a few.



SharePod is a management tool for your iPod which lets you copy your music to and from your gadget. The best part is no installation is needed. With this program, you can skip copying songs to your hard drive and go directly to playing songs directly from your iPod.

Steps in the Installation of SharePod

  1. Download the SharePod zip file in their webpage.
  2. Extract the contents to your iPod or PC.
  3. Go to the SharePod folder and double click on the exe file. If the program fails to initialize, you may need to download Microsoft.NET framework 2.0. This will allow you to run your program.

Note: do not run SharePod and iTunes at the same time. A syncing error may occur in your iPod.

Once you have successfully installed the program, you will find that it is fairly easy to use. The options and buttons are very detailed in description, helping you navigate your way around the program.

The only downside of this software program is that it does not support new version of “iGadgets” such as the iPhone 4 and iPad. Luckily there is CopyTrans Manager to solve the SharePod woes.

CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is another alternative to iTunes. Its name says it all –it lets you manage your music files, copy them to and from your computer, and much more.

Installing CopyTrans Manager

  1. Go to the website of CopyTrans Manager
  2. Download the zip file available there
  3. Extract the exe and ris files to your iPod
  4. Launch the program by clicking on the exe file.

Once the installation is complete, usability will be very easy already. Much like the SharePod, this a very convenient program for all users and copying and transferring files will be trouble-free and effortless.

Any questions, reactions, or any type of feedback is very much welcome. Hit us with your comments.

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