Ultimate Guide to Pandora Free Music Streaming Online

With the partnership of Pandora with home digital music systems, even without having your PC turned on, you can listen to your library of songs and enjoy your created stations on the web. This can be done through home digital music systems.

Before, many are patronizing the radio stations but eventually, MP3 players became popular but this is limited to the songs that are only downloaded. When Pandora came along, which is the Internet radio service for streaming, playing songs based on ones preferences became so easy. Blackberry Pandora app has become available that makes streaming accessible anywhere.

Let me walk you through the steps of free music streaming online through Pandora

Getting Started: Follow The Startup Procedures

1. Download the application for Pandora.
2. Install and run it just any other application.
3. Once you see the P Logo on the Applications Menu, click it.
4. There, you can begin your Pandora experience.

If you’re a new user, do the following:

A. Go to the quick account creation page.
B. Fill in all the information required such as email, password, birth year, gender and ZIP code.
C. Opting to the email or not checking the box can be optional.
D. Tick the box declaring that you agree to the terms of use. You’re ready to get started.

If you already have Pandora

A. Type in your email address.
B. Enter your password.

Creating a Station

Once you signed up for your account, you will be prompted to name a composer, band or song that you desire. This will refer to the base for your station. This is easy. You can just think of your favorite band. Example is The Beatles. Just enter the name. You’ll find a screen with some choices where you can match the artists and the song. Pick what you want by clicking and Pandora application will take you to your newly created station. Mostly, this will kick off with a song from the band you selected.

Once you have your own station set up, you can manage it by rating the songs up or down. If the songs received your higher rate, this is registered in the database. The application will play more songs under the same attributes of your preferred songs. Another thing that you will find out is that Pandora provides you the reason why it picks a certain song. Example: The track features qualities of acid rock, with extensive vamping, electric guitar riffs, an emotional lead female vocal performance, etc.

Create Station Pandora

Pandora is limited to one artist per channel, which makes recommendation specific. Because your settings still apply, you can proceed to create a new station where you can play another brand of music.

You can move a song to another station. This can be used to expand other stations using the current songs. Station can also be renamed, shared and edited. These are options that you can do on the Web version.

Rating Functions

The ability to rate the song that’s being played is one of the greatest attributes of Pandora. Rate the song if you like, go for Thumbs Up. More likely, you will hear more of the same songs coming from the same artist with the same attributes. But if you selected Thumbs Down, Pandora will stop to play the same artist’s songs. You can re-add the artists name by going through the same procedure in creating a station.

But there are some head’s up in marking a song Thumbs Down. This will skip the song and play the next one. Another option is clicking the track forward button if you chose to skip the song. Yet, you can only skip 12 songs in a 24-hour period. If you have no skips to apply, you can simply rate a song Thumbs Down but this may cause some unintended consequences.

Pandora Rating Functions

As you keep on rating songs, your library of songs branch out and you get a wider variety of music. This happens when Pandora branches out the songs it chooses for you as it accumulates more information about your musical tastes. For instance, if you create a station for The Beatles, you will listen to classic rock. But if you use the service longer, you will see more modern tunes.

How do you add additional artists?

By adding more artists to your channel, Pandora gets a real good idea of your musical tastes. Just select the title that you want to edit, and click “add variety.” Enter more and more artists you like and Pandora will recommend more artists list based on what you told them.

Closing the Pandora Application

When you’re done using your Pandora Apps, make sure you properly shut it down. Make sure you hit Menu and choose Shut down Pandora. This completely closes the application. Yet, if you chose Close, the application is just on the background. Just simply closing it would cause inconvenience when you would try to use the service later. You’ll be able to play the song but if you stopped in the middle, Pandora will log you out and you need to log back in which takes some time. In order to avoid these circumstances, just practice proper shut down of Pandora Apps.

Automatic recording of music is easy through a recorder for audio streaming. You have the options to search for the song by the artist’s name or album title.

Here are the steps of how to download music from the Pandora tool:

Step 1: Launch Streaming Audio Recorder
Install the recorder for audio streaming. Launching of the application starts once the installation and downloading is done.

Step 2: Start Recording to Pandora

Find the button for Record and go to the website Pandora.com. Here, you can search and begin to play the songs. Recording songs has been made easy through the recorder. Just press the button that says “Record.” To stop the recording, just press the same button which is record. Pandora automatically finds related information to the songs you play and record.

Record Pandora Songs

You can do other things aside from recording such as building your own library of playlists by simply using some moves through your PC mouse: the drag and drop, and click. You can also customize your own ringtones by simply clicking the icon for ringtones. The icon for social networking leads you to broadcast to your friends’ list through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other sites, about your new song download or what you listen to.

Streaming music online through Pandora is easy. Did you find the streaming walk-through procedure helpful? Share your comments.

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