Take Out Your Sword And Start Slicing With Fruit Ninja

Every ninja has speed, strength, and agility. Not to mention excellent sword skills. Do you have what it takes to become a ninja? Develop your sword skills by slicing your way through a barrage of juicy fruits.

About the game

Fruit Ninja is a simple yet fun iPhone game to play. Remember when you were a kid and you would play ninjas for hours, waving little sticks around pretending they were swords? Little kids aren’t allowed anywhere near sharp weapons, so holding a real sword and slicing away at anything in your way remained a fantasy.

Now you don’t need to wave a little stick around pretending it was a sword. Sticks won’t be able to slice at anything anyway. If you really want to play ninja, Fruit Ninja is one of the most enjoyable ways without getting yourself in trouble.

With Fruit Ninja, your objective is to slice as many juicy fruits as possible. You will need to be as quick and accurate as a ninja because not all of the targets on the screen will be fruits. You’ll need to carefully select your targets because some of them will be bombs. Not even the best ninja will survive the explosive powers of bomb a meter away.

Being too careful can end your fantasy as well. If you miss too many fruits to be sliced, it’s game over. It’s up to you how you will avoid touching the bombs without missing any fruits. This game will definitely develop your hand-eye coordination.

The Gameplay

Playing this casual game is simple. All you need to do is slice away at the fruits before they fall down. To do so, swipe a finger across the screen and your sword will follow. As the game progresses, you will need to be a little bit faster. Can you use more than one finger? A true ninja can only control one sword each hand, but since you’re just using your fingers, the more fingers you use, the faster you become.

Do you think you can become one of the best fruit ninjas? You can challenge your friends to a mullti-player game or challenge some of the best players in the world through Game Center if your device is capable.

When you’re slashing away at the fruits, remember that once in a while a rare fruit will appear on the screen. Slicing these give you extra points. If you’re really good, aim to target multiple fruits with just one slash. You get extra points for doing this too.

If you’re playing against a friend or anyone else in multi-player mode, there are fruits with blue, red, or white borders. You earn points by slicing the blue fruits, but you lose points if you slice a red one. If you slice a white fruit before you opponent does, you get extra points.

User Interface

It’s amazing how this game was created because the controls are so accurate, they sort of mimic the accuracy of a true ninja. They are accurate even if you’re using more than one finger to play the game. You will need to be as accurate as the controls are because of the bombs that go flying across the screen every now and then.

You can miss three fruits before your game ends, but if you touch even just one bomb, it’s time to start another game.

Graphics and Sound Effects

If there is one reason that makes this game so addictive, it’s the graphics and sound effects.  The graphics are excellent, you can even see how juicy the fruits really are as you slice your way through them.

Remember all the ninja movies you used to watch? Can you still hear the sound effects played when the ninjas moved stealthily towards their targets? This is the kind of sound effect that this game brings.

Sound effects really bring a game to life. It enhances the experience and really gets you into the game. Fruit Ninja has found the perfect combination between graphics and sound effects. It’s no wonder why so many people have become addicted to this game.

The Drawback

There is not much to say in terms of drawbacks. The game has been so perfectly created that everybody has enjoyed playing it. There are some occasional issues where gamers have reported that the game crashes when started, but this may have other issues than just the game itself.


With over 20,000 downloads, Fruit Ninja is one of the phenomenal games around. There are so many people of have spent countless hours trying to develop their ninja skills. The best have risen to the top of the rankings and all they need are ninjas who can give them the challenge they seek.

The game may seem simple and even lame when you first hear about it, but playing it will give you a totally new perspective. The graphics and sound effects will quickly get you into the game and before you know it, you’ll be one of the thousands who have become addicted.

Some people have said that Fruit Ninjas is a great game to pass time away, but time is something that you will always fall short off when you are playing. The game gets more and more challenging as you progress and you will soon be thinking of ways to get through the levels. You know that you will need to improve your playing skills, and this is what makes the game so addictive.

The game gives you the option of testing your skills with the best players in the world. You can challenge the best if you think you can do better, or simply have a fun game with your friends. Whatever you decide to do, the game will soon take you on a level of entertainment you have never known.

If you are looking for a challenge, then Fruit Ninjas will give you what you seek. You either improve your sword skills or you belong to the many of have failed to become true ninjas.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit NinjaCategory: Games
Price: $0.99
Developed By: Halfbrick Studios
Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Compatible With: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
Other OS: Android, Facebook, BlackBerry
Our Rating: ★★★★½


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