Top 10 Music Services Compatible With iPods & iPhones


Music is a part of man’s everyday life. That is why music players, such as iPod and iPhone, are valuable possessions nowadays. Listening to music from your favorite gadgets can be done in two ways. First, you can do traditional way of downloading songs, transferring them to your iTunes, and syncing your iPod to the [...]

Top 7 Ways To Legally Download Free Music


Finding music on the internet is a no brainer. Everything is practically at the end of your fingertips. Finding FREE music is just as easy, they number in the hundreds of thousands. How can you be sure that the free music files you find are truly legal to download? You can’t, of course. It all [...]

50 Free Apps For iPod Touch You Can’t Live Without

Pandora iPhone

Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPads) first became popular because of their ability to be reliable music players. Now, these Apple gadgets have been redesigned to have more features to suit the general users’ needs and preference. Better news: with the dawn of the iPod Touch apps and the App Store, the iPhone and [...]

Present And Future of Online Music Downloading


The Present of Online Music Downloading The present of online music downloading is still defined by its past. Ever since Napster was started, online music downloading has become widespread. And it became even bigger with the dawn of the mp3 players and iGadgets. Now, many methods of downloading music have been developed to make life [...]

Unlimited And Legal Music Sharing With Jamendo


Jamendo is a music-only download site. All the music available for download is completely free and completely legal, covered by any of the six (6) Creative Commons Licenses. The licenses make the download legal and the site provides a global venue for the artists to promote and share their music while protecting their rights. There [...]

Pros And Cons of Legally Downloading Music And Movies


We all want to do the right thing when it comes to downloading music and videos from the internet, but we also wish the right thing will be free of charge. Well, it can be. It is, actually. There are numerous ways by which we can get FREE and LEGAL music, movies, games etc. And [...]

7 Free Websites To Get Free Music Downloads For iPods


Many iPod owners would want to get totally free music downloads. With the sleek and flexible innovation brought by this device, music lovers are now offered the means to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. Getting songs and videos is a requirement, if you want to fill up your iPod and make your own [...]