40 Sites To Download Free And Legal Music Online


1.    iLike iLike is Myspace Music, a social music site that lets members find and explore new music online through fellow members. Myspace is home to the largest collection of FREE streaming music on the internet. You can use it to listen to 42mm songs, search for music, create playlists, share music plays, watch videos, [...]

Download Songs on Tap Tap Revenge for iPhone & iPod

Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge is a music game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod which tests your coordination and reflexes while tapping to the beat of different songs. It is created by Nate True, published and developed by Tapulous in 2008. The game is reminiscent of the Dance Dance Revolution popularized by Konami in the late 90s. [...]

Listen to Your Music on Your BlackBerry Smartphone or Tablet


In the 21st century, we have seen the boom of technology with the advent of smarter, smaller, faster and pricier gadgets. One of the best yet is the invention of the smartphones. BlackBerry nails this with a phone, not only for business but also for leisure. And what better way to relax, whether you’re at [...]

Sync iCloud Music to Your iPhone & iPod Touch

iCloud Music

iCloud is the newest way to sync your favorite gadgets fast and conveniently. With this app, all your favorite gadgets will automatically get synced. For instance, you used your PC or your MAC to download a song. If your iCloud is activated, this song will automatically get transferred to your iPhone or iPod Touch. More [...]

How Torrent Music Downloading Works


P2P: an introduction Before we discuss Torrent music downloading, let us first discuss the concept of peer-to-peer or P2P. P2P is a type of computer networking program which lets participants share their files with one another. Participants here are read as nodes. Downloading here is done through several nodes sharing their files rather than through [...]

What Are Royalty Free Music Downloads And Where To Get Them


As a quick definition, “royalty-free music” is music legally bought for a one-time fee, without the need to pay for dues in the future. As such, purchased royalty free music can be used over and over by the purchaser under any circumstance and for an unlimited time in the future. Other websites offer the tracks [...]

Unlimited And Legal Music Sharing With Jamendo


Jamendo is a music-only download site. All the music available for download is completely free and completely legal, covered by any of the six (6) Creative Commons Licenses. The licenses make the download legal and the site provides a global venue for the artists to promote and share their music while protecting their rights. There [...]

A Review Of The Rhapsody Music Service


“All the music you want. Just 10 bucks a month” is currently Rhapsody’s tag line in their homepage. And by “all the music you want” they meant over 14 million songs to choose from. Choosing music is one thing, carrying them with you everywhere you go is another. Let us guide you on exploring what [...]

Yahoo! Music Unlimited Service Reviewed Features, Pros, and Cons

Yahoo Music

Yahoo! is a multinational internet company which is visited by millions of viewers every month. Yahoo! offers a variety of services such as communication, news, personal information storage, advertising and multimedia. Yahoo! Music, in collaboration with Rhapsody service, aims to provide the users unlimited music in addition to the usual services the users utilize. How [...]

A Review Of The Amazon MP3 Music Download Service


Amazon.com is well known for its long standing reputation of being a reliable and respected online retail shop. Amazon decided to provide good and affordable music in 2007. Since then, their archive continually grew in number and variety and is now offering about 19 million songs. Pros Songs are DRM-free Superior music quality Music files [...]

Which Is The Best Bit Torrent Search Engine


Bit Torrent sites allow the users to download and upload multimedia files for free. They allow users like you to enjoy and actually download their favorite songs, movies, TV series, books, and more without spending a cent. These sites also include file rating and ranking system to ensure the quality and safety of the files. [...]

A Review of Spotify – Free Music


Music is used by different people for different purposes –for relaxation, hyping up, studying, sleeping or driving. Music can and is being used in different settings. As such, making songs available through the internet for easy accessibility became a norm. When downloading songs, however, one should be wary of illegal downloading, otherwise known as piracy. [...]

Legal Music Sharing or BitTorrent Websites [10 Top List]


P2P file sharing has become a cultural revolution of sorts. It is the thing to do, and everyone does it or knows someone who does it on a regular basis, almost exclusively. There are probably hundreds of these P2P download websites out there, some are more popular than others but most of them give out [...]

Download Free Songs from Amazon.com

Download Music

Amazon.com offers free music downloads belonging to a wide array of genres. A usual song or album at Amazon.com is usually priced at around $3 to $15. The Amazon music library contains over a thousand free songs and is updated regularly. To avail of the free offer, you must have an Amazon account. If you [...]

Step By Step Guide On How To Download Music To Your iPod


What’s the best way to make the most out of your iPod? You fill it up with thousands of songs, of course. Today you’ll learn how to do it as well as how to have unlimited access to all your favorite music. Steps 1. Download iTunes You cannot download music directly to your iPod. You [...]