Sync Mac Music Library To Any MP3 Player Using Instinctiv

It is possible to sync your iTunes or Mac Music Library to any MP3 device.  This is certainly a great way to enjoy your iTunes music on other non-Apple gadgets. There are different alternatives in doing this but most of these systems are either too difficult to follow or too expensive to download. A better (and free) alternative is Insticntiv.

Mac and iTunes go hand in hand. There is no other Mac music player that can match iPod but not everyone who has a Mac has an iPod so this is quite limiting to Mac users.

How does one start syncing Mac Music Library to any MP3 player?

Steps 1 – Download the desktop client and then sign up for a free account. This is available for Mac and Windows. The sign-up process could take more than few minutes. Once the sign-up process is done, Instinctiv’s main screen will pop up and will start searching for your music and playlists.  Exit from the apps if your playlist is not yet ready.


Step 2 – Instinctiv will not create its own playlist but rather make use of the music and/or playlists in your Mac Library.  In order to facilitate this, you need to create iTunes playlist or playlists for your MP3. To do this, open iTunes and under the Cover Art display on the lower left of iTunes,  look for the plus button and click or you can also use the Command + N which is File – New Playlist.   You can create as many playlists as you want. Just make sure that Instinctiv is not running when you do.

Step 3-   Once you have created the playlist, plug in the MP3 device and then run Instinctiv.  Point and click on the “Sync” icon to see the device or devices.  Click the device that you wish to sync. A storage indicator bar will show you the available storage space.  Check the boxes of the playlist that you wish to sync.  Check the storage bar indicator to visually see how much space is still available.


Step 4- Once you have chosen the playlist(s); click the “Sync” button located at the lower right window of Instinctiv.  Syncing will begin and its progress displayed on the progress bar. Once the syncing is done a folder with the file name “Instinctive” will be in the MP3.  Two subfolders are in it and they are “song” and “playlists”. Choose which one you wish to play.

A folder labeled “instinctive” will pop up after the synchronization in your MP3. The two sub folders labeled “songs” and “playlists” will be evident.  Just point your MP3 player to any song on the list should you wish to play it.

It is possible to change or add or delete to the playlists by using iTunes. To date Instinctiv has new apps for syncing a Mac Library to Androids.

Is Instinctiv the only FREE apps for effectively syncing Mac Library and an MP3?

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