Stream Your Videos To Your iPhone And iPod Touch With Air Video

Apple has undergone major evolutionary changes when it comes to their gadgets. During their early years, they started with music players only. Now, they already have iPod Touch and iPhone which can play videos, in addition to playing songs and other apps.

To keep up with this evolution of gadgets, the internet has also produced different types of app for the Apple brand. One such app is Air Video. Air Video is an Apple program that lets iGadget users stream their videos straight from their computers!

Air Video

Are you excited to use it yet? Before that, let us discuss some of the features of Air Video first.

Features of Air Video

Air Video, as said above, offers live streaming of videos from your computer to your iPod Touch or iPhone. This feature lets users watch videos in their gadgets without having to download the files directly to their iGadgets.

If you are afraid of video incompatibility, Air Video will solve this problem for you. It has a live conversion feature which converts the file as you play it on your gadget. As such, you don’t have to wait long for your file to be converted. But, if you would rather convert the file completely before actually watching it, the app can do this as well. Lastly, this app gives the users the choice to edit the zoom, resolution, and the quality of the video.

Of course, this iPhone app has many other perks. These are but the tip of the iceberg. However, these should be enough as this article focuses on live streaming the videos from the computer to your iPhone. So, are you ready to use the app? Let’s get started!

Getting Started With Air Video

Step 1: Download and install Air Video server

Before anything else, you should download the Air Video server. This is available in their website.

Make sure that you also have the app in your gadget (i.e iPhone or iPod Touch).

Step 2: Share your files

Once the Air Video has been launched and is running, choose the files that you want to share. Videos in your iTunes can also be shared. There’s an option for you to view your list of shared videos on your screen. Navigating through the program is quite easy and you will surely find your way around it without breaking a sweat.

Step 3: Using Air Video in your Gadget

In your gadget, open the Air Video app and go to servers. In the server list, add your computer if it is not yet there.

Step 4: Choose and play your video

Once you have successfully added your computer to your Air Video servers, you will be able to view the contents of the shared folders. You will see the list of videos you could play. Just choose your video of choice and play away!

Again, do not worry about video format compatibility. Live conversion of video file is a feature of Air Video, making it the choice of many users for video streaming.

Air Video makes life of iPod users more fun. It gives customers a chance to step away from the music-related functions of their gadgets. Instead, it allows the users to try a new way of enjoying their videos without even having to sync his gadget directly to the computer. Now, we hope that you understand our 4 easy steps of using Air Video.

For any questions and clarifications, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we will gladly get back to you.

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