Steps To Install Android Market On Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is one of the coolest and most useful gadgets released by Amazon in 2011. If you own one now, kudos! You can use it to stream movies and TV shows, and access Amazon’s Appstore and Kindle’s e-books.

But did you know that Android Market can be installed in Kindle Fire too? Yes, you read that right. Although your new gadget is designed to acquire apps only from Amazon, it can access the Android Market after a few tinkering.

So how do you access Android users’ most favorite cyberspace through your gadget? First, root your device. Then, follow the steps enumerated below.

How to Install Android Market on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Step 1: Access Google Services using your rooted device by downloading GoogleServicesFramework.apk. One of the ways to do this is by downloading the whole package of Google Apps.apk first, and then extracting GoogleServicesFramework.apk from the data folder named GApps.rar with the aid of any RAR or ZIP archive tools. (A commonly used archive tool is WinRAR)

Step 2: The file Vending.apk is, in simplest terms, the app for the Android Market. Get the latest version of this file online.

Step 3: Download any Android app that will let you edit the permission settings of your Kindle Fire. An example of which is the File Expert available in the Appstore of Amazon.

Step 4: With the aid of your micro-USB cord, connect Kindle Fire to your PC. Copy the .apk files downloaded earlier to your device. Next, install the app you downloaded in Step 3 (i.e File Expert). Open the app, tap the menu option and go to Settings. After which, access the settings of your File Explorer and then allow Root explorer option. This will let you give File Expert a “superuser” permission.

Enabling Root Explorer option modifies the read-and-write permissions of your device, allowing you therefore, to access and use Android Market for downloading and installing apps through your device.

Step 5: Go to File Expert, select GoogleserviceFramework.apk and install this. When installation is done, go to the Vending.apk, and press it until the file menu opens. Select Cut, go to the System folder and then look for the App folder. Press menu, open Mount and designate the folder as a “Read-Write” folder. After all these, tap menu again and paste Vending.apk in your device’s App folder.

Step 6: Once Vending.apk is in the App folder, press it long enough to open the menu for the file-options. Select Permissions option. Edit it so that the file matches the permission settings of the other apps in the same folder. The permissions should be Read/Write for the owner and Read only for Group and Others. After editing the permissions, tap the Vending file to install it.

Step 7: The next step is to reboot Kindle Fire

Android-marketNote: Android Market will not normally show in the default carousel Kindle launcher. Downloading and installing a custom launcher should solve the problem though. An example of a custom launcher is Go Launcher EX.

Congratulations! You now have an access to Android Market. Just log in to your personal Google account and you can now start using the Market.

In conclusion, Kindle Fire is designed to be compatible only with Amazon. Accessing Android Market is not a part of its original programming and, thus, technical difficulties may arise while you are using your device. When this happens, rebooting the device usually solves the problems.


Hopefully, this article has helped you figure things out with Kindle Fire. For feedback, leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section of this article. Enjoy the Market! 

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