Reviews: iPod Docking Stations With Speakers

There are plenty of additional accessories you can buy for yourself in order to enhance the performance of your iPod. Whatever iPod device that you own, a docking station with speakers is the most viable option for you to buy.

There are plenty of excellent station systems for your iPod available in the market today. With the iPod enjoying market success worldwide, plenty of third party companies have jumped into the bandwagon to provide iPod accessories to enhance the experience of your iPod.

Out of the hundreds of options available to you, it can be quite hard for you to find the right one that will perfectly suit your needs. Let this guide be a help to you. Here are the two best docking stations you can find in the market today according to overall functionality:

1. FidekiBigBoy 2

Fideki BigBoy2 Docking StationIf you want to have an iPod docking station that is big in size (literally) and performance then you cannot go wrong with the FidekiBigBoy 2. When it comes to blasting the sound of your iPod through your roof, the FidekiBigBoy 2 can help you do this and provide you with other cool functions you cannot find in other speaker products in the market.

The FidekiBigBoy 2 can blare your music up to 500 watts which is enough for you to hold a party in your house. And even if it blasts music way above what an average speaker can, the quality of music it produces is unmatched. No matter what iPod device you are playing, you will find that the FidekiBigBoy 2 iPod Docking Station will more than exceed your expectations in terms of music quality.

This one also has a nice control panel where you can adjust the treble and bass of your music so you can still hear smooth music blasting in your speakers. It has a remote control that can easily let you adjust the volume according to your preference.

2. ArCamrCube

ArCamrCubeThis one may not be as big in size as the FidekiBigBoy 2 but it certainly equals it in quality and performance. The conservative design and style of the ArCamrCue deceives. It deceives in a way that this small cube has 100mm bass; 25mm tweeters and 3 amplifiers that deliver smooth and crisp music that can go as loud as 90 watts.

The ArCamrCube is no pushover in the market also. Though it may be smaller in size compared to FidekiBigBoy 2 and other iPod station systems available out there, none of them has the distinction that the ArCamrCube already enjoys. It has garnered multiple awards because of its performance and functionality. You can even power the ArCam using rechargeable batteries. You can also go wireless with this iPod docking Station.

If you want the best bang for your bucks, you cannot go wrong with these two excellent iPod docking station with speakers. These two have everything that you need and more. You will surely enjoy the enhance iPod listening experience when you use these two outstanding dock stations.

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