Apple iPod Nano 16GB 5th Generation

iPod Nano 16GB

The iPod Nano 5th generation 16gb system is not only incredibly lightweight and thin, but it is also made of durable aluminum frame which make it look not much different from its earlier iPod predecessors. However, apart from its deceptive looks, the iPod Nano 5th generation 16gb has got some unique features like the FM [...]

iPod Shuffle 4th Generation


The new iPod Shuffle 4G is the new addition to the iPod mp3 player family with the new click wheel navigation to make it more user-friendly. Like the typical Shuffle it has no screen. But is that all the difference it offers compared to its predecessors? Is it even worth the price? Just like the [...]

Reset iPod Shuffle

Reset iPod

It is very important to know how to reset your iPod Shuffle following a freeze. Do not attempt to reset your iPod Shuffle when connected to the computer and it is displaying the following messages: 1. The message reads connected. 2. The message reads ‘sync in progress’ please read. 3. The message reads do not [...]

iPod Nano Video Review


One of the major difference between iPod Nano 5th generation model and its predecessors is the iPod Video capability, that has been incorporated in the 5G Nano, despite keeping its dimensions same as the previous ones. As Apple squeezed in the CMOS camera module and unifies high-quality optics into this 5G Nano shell along with [...]

New iPod Nano Touch 6th Generation (6G) Review


It has been a long and patient wait for all the music lovers in the world as Apple launches it new ipod nano shuffle this year as a follow through of its existing ipod series. This new light and square personal music system is one that fits in your wrist as you move through the [...]

iPod Nano 3rd Generation (3G) Review


When iPod Nano was unveiled, it meant that we had to sacrifice feature like video, games and memory. Because of the small size, these features were not included in the first models of the nano iPod. The second generations saw the introduction of recording on iPods. But the iPod nano 3rd generation saw the small [...]

iPod Nano 4th Generation (4G) Chromatic


The iPod Nano 4th generation could be the biggest step Apple has taken in between generations. Every generation should be an upgrade from the last one, but the upgrades of the 4G from the 3G are just amazing. The 4th generation iPod Nano may well be the smartest iPod during its time for its size [...]

iPod Nano 5th Generation With Camera


What makes iPod Nano 5th generation so special? It sure is not the newest member of the “Nano family,” but it is special in its own way. So, what gives? Well, it’s the bunch of features added in it. These features can totally make people say that the iPod Nano 5G is an upgrade from [...]