Review: Comparing The iPod Touch With Zune HD

Released at around the same time, consumers sometimes get confused on which one to buy. They both have great features and making up your mind about one you like more could be a daunting task.

For this reason, a Zune vs iPod comparison checklist has been developed to show the differences and reduce the confusion you may face when making the decision. Below, you will find details on different aspects that can help you make a better decision:

Physical features of iPod vs Zune

Zune HD vs iPod Touch


In this aspect, the odds are tilted to the Zune side since they offer 5 different colors namely platinum, black, green, red and blue. This attracts consumer with an eye for color. The iPod Touch comes in two colors black and silver giving it a disadvantage in the Zune HD vs iPod Touch comparison.


The zune is just above half the iPods weight at 2.4 ounces compared to the iPods 40 ounces. This decision on which is better in the iPod Touch vs Zune comparison would directly depend on the consumer since some people like light and others heavy.

Screen Size

Zune vs iPodHardly any difference among the two, nevertheless, the Zune has a smaller screen measuring 3.3 inches, just 0.2 inch smaller than the iPod Touch. Bigger screens are better when it comes to gadgets that are used to play games and watch videos, but the difference between the two in this case doesn’t give much comparison space in the Zune HD vs iPod Touch.

Screen Resolution

The odds have once again tipped in favor of the iPod touch in this comparison. The Zune has a screen resolution of 480× 272 pixels where as the iPod Touch has 480×320 pixels giving the iPod Touch better image display.

Technical features Zune vs iPod

Zune Vs iPod Battery


The Zude HD is available in two memory sizes 16GB and 32GB. This is a clear disadvantage in the zune vs iPod comparison since iPod touch is available in three (8, 32 and 64 GB) memory sizes.


Zune costs US$ 219/ 289 for 16 and 32 GB respectfully where as iPod cost US$ 199, 299 and 399 for 8, 16 and 32 GB respectfully. In this aspect the iPod vs Zune comparison is quite evenly matched.


The Zune has better battery performance which clearly tips the scale to its advantage. Audio battery life is 33 hours where as video battery life is 8.5 hrs; a substantial difference in the Zune vs iPod Touch comparison. IPod registers 30 hrs. audio and 6 hrs video battery life. Consumers who travel a lot are more interested in this feature.

Wireless features

Another point where there is a close tie between Zune HD vsnd iPod Touch is about sharing 802.11b/g, web browser, WiFi downloading. The difference is that the Zune has Wi-Fi syncing with its wireless feature and the iPod Touch has A2DP Bluetooth. Both gadgets share three same features and an additional one on each that is different from the other.

With these few important features highlighted, making a decision in favor of either should become considerably easy.

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