Best 3 Portable iPod Touch Speakers

Though a number of iPods already have built-in speakers and microphone, as well as volume controls, you’ll still realize at some point you need something more. Fortunately, there are portable speakers available.

Portable iPod Speakers: Why You Need Them

portable iPod SpeakersYou may decide to purchase iPod speakers if you want to take advantage of the following:

• Cheap price: Though some speakers are costly, majority of them don’t break the bank. It’s not impossible to find high-quality portable speakers that are less than a hundred dollars.

• Control: Again, not all speakers are convenient to control, but some of them are equipped with remote controls so you can manage your iPods and speakers anywhere in the room. A number have high-end and dynamic dashboards.

• Ability to share music: One of the limitations of iPods is you don’t get to share music with somebody else. Perhaps you can, but only one person may be able to do that since there are only two eartips in a headset. You can avoid that with portable speakers. Some are so good they’re enough to liven up a home or office.

• Portability: Not all speakers that claim portability can live up to expectations, but the best ones are so lightweight they can be packed inside briefcases and small bags without feeling the additional load.

Best Portable Speakers For iPod

We actually have come across with several speakers for iPods, but these are the ones that we consider the best:

Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i

• It’s lightweight, weighing no more than 2 pounds.
• It has a decent battery life of 8 hours.
• The battery is rechargeable.
• It isn’t pricey at all.
• It works with almost all types of iPods.
• It can prevent interference.
• It is dual voltage, so it doesn’t have any issues with electrical outlets of other countries.
• You can skip the battery use by connecting it directly to a power adapter.
• You can watch movies using the auxiliary input.
• It is equipped with a remote control that produces excellent response from the unit.
• It produces superb audio quality, even at low volume.

Issue: It loses its bass response and volume control once the battery starts draining.

Altec Lansing inMotion Compact iMT320

• It doesn’t occupy a lot of space at 9.5 inches by 4.7 inches.
• It works with majority of iPods, even those that are connected to docks (if you’re using the older models, you can connect through an auxiliary input that measures 3.5 mm).
• The batteries are very easy to find.
• The batteries last for an entire day.
• For its size, the portable iPod speaker creates high-quality sounds.
• It is budget friendly.

Issues: It doesn’t have a remote, so you need to manually operate both the speakers and your iPod. The dashboard doesn’t have a lot of controls.

Bose SoundDock Portable

• Bose has always been known for the production of high-quality sound systems, including portable Bose iPod speakers.
• It has a well-built design.
• There’s an additional input jack for devices that don’t have docks.
• At normal volume, you can run the speaker for close to 15 hours.
• It has a good remote control.

Issues: It’s somewhat expensive and doesn’t have AM/FM radio.

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