40 Sites To Download Free And Legal Music Online


1.    iLike iLike is Myspace Music, a social music site that lets members find and explore new music online through fellow members. Myspace is home to the largest collection of FREE streaming music on the internet. You can use it to listen to 42mm songs, search for music, create playlists, share music plays, watch videos, [...]

10 Android Apps In 2012 I Can’t Live Without

Boat Browser

An Android smartphone is only as good as the apps you’ve installed in it. So whether you have a high-end model or a low-end unit, you can get the best use out of your phone by downloading the right mix of applications. But what apps should you download, exactly? Well, that really depends on your [...]

50 Free Apps For iPod Touch You Can’t Live Without

Pandora iPhone

Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPads) first became popular because of their ability to be reliable music players. Now, these Apple gadgets have been redesigned to have more features to suit the general users’ needs and preference. Better news: with the dawn of the iPod Touch apps and the App Store, the iPhone and [...]

Plants vs. Zombies: Don’t Get Your Brains Eaten

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants are your only defence against the swarm of zombies heading your way. These aren’t ordinary plants because they have the means to kill zombies. Some plants fire peas that can knock off the heads of the zombies, while others explode and take a bunch of zombies with them. There are also plants that can [...]

30 Cheap iPhone & iPod Touch Games You Can Get For 99 Cents Now

Angry Birds-3

iPhone and iPod Touch games have stormed the market and the video gaming industry as a whole. As the need for mobility increases in our everyday lives, the need for a little entertainment on mobile devices also increases. Both the iPhone and the iPod Touch have gotten to be so popular that thousands of games [...]

Free iPod Touch Games – 50 Most Popular For iPhone & iPod Touch In 2012

temple run

Without a doubt, iPhone and iPod Touch games have become one of the most premier forms of entertainment, especially to those who are on the move quite often. The quality of these games have improved so much that they are almost similar in quality to the games you can play on gaming platforms such as [...]

30 Best Blackberry Applications For Business Men

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry is not just a mobile phone. It’s a Smartphone and by that it means a Blackberry has the functions of a cellular phone and a PDA all rolled into one and much more! A Blackberry has become a regular “portable” PC with internet connection and mobile phone. While there’s no single definition of a [...]

Download Music From These 10 Top P2P File Sharing Applications

P2P File Sgaring

We think nothing of downloading anything online that catches our fancy. We find a good song, we click MUSIC DOWNLOAD. We stumble upon that great old movie that we really liked, we click DOWNLOAD. There’s this cool new game, we click DOWNLOAD. Does it matter what P2P client we’re using? Are we using the best? [...]

10 Most Popular Premium iPhone & iPod Touch Games In 2012

Chaos Rings

iPhone and iPod Touch games have entertained millions of people around the world. The graphics and the overall design of the games have kept people glued to their sets having a great time. Though many of the games are free, there are quite a number of games that need to be purchased and as the [...]

My List of The Top 20 iPhone & iPod Retro Games


In spite of the growing popularity of all the amazing games in iTunes, you still have that soft spot for the earliest games, usually the ones you played in the arcades like these top 20 retro games: Hyper Snake You know, you never really had a mobile phone unless it comes with the Snake game. [...]

5 Addicitve iPhone & iPod Touch Games You Can Get For $2.99 Today

Hotel Dash

iPhone and iPod Touch games can get very addictive. This is one reason why you’ll see users of these mobile devices glued to their sets seemingly fully concentrated on something. Look closer and you’ll see that they’re engaged in a virtual challenge. Games that are addictive are not only challenging but they are also fun [...]

Rovio & The Angry Birds Series: Classic, Seasons, Rio, Magic & Space

Angry Birds-1

A lot have already been said about Angry Birds, but only a few people know how it became a notorious casual game, allowing its developers, Rovio, to earn as much as $5 million and spawning other product lines such as shirts and mugs. Now you’ll find out. Moreover, we’re going to provide you with a [...]

15 Top Music Games For Your iPhone


Do you know the predecessor of iPhones? It’s the iPods. This explains why even if it’s a cellular phone, it’s also equipped with music-centric features, from speakers to voice recorders. Moreover, so you’ll be able to maximize these options, you can download music or rhythm games such as the following: Beat It Beat It is [...]

Legal Music Sharing or BitTorrent Websites [10 Top List]


P2P file sharing has become a cultural revolution of sorts. It is the thing to do, and everyone does it or knows someone who does it on a regular basis, almost exclusively. There are probably hundreds of these P2P download websites out there, some are more popular than others but most of them give out [...]

7 Free Websites To Get Free Music Downloads For iPods


Many iPod owners would want to get totally free music downloads. With the sleek and flexible innovation brought by this device, music lovers are now offered the means to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. Getting songs and videos is a requirement, if you want to fill up your iPod and make your own [...]