Play PSP Games On Your TV With FuSa

PSPs have excellent graphics, making it a whole lot of fun to play. However, most definitely, you also wish you get to see certain elements more clearly. Or perhaps you want to know how it feels to play these games right on your TV screen.

The good news is that’s no longer far-fetched anymore. The truth is the more recent versions of PSP such as PSP Brite (3000) and Slim (2000) have already been designed to work on your TV screen.

What You Need

But before you can play the games from your PSP to your TV, you need to have some essential items. First you need to have the TV, and we’re not talking about just any kind of television you want. The many AV ports it has the better. You may also be better off with LCD TVs. (If there’s one thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to televisions, it will be the size. Since your PSP games aren’t really designed for TV, they don’t appear very clear once you start playing them on bigger televisions.)

PSP Games TV

You also should have an AV cable. Again, this is not a regular AV cable. Find one that has 5 color connectors, especially if you’re using an HDTV (this is also called a component cable). Fortunately, these cables aren’t hard to find. If you cannot see this in your nearest electronics store, you can try out websites such as eBay or simply Google it.

Lastly, you require a memory stick or a UMD. This is where you store the game. Once you connect your PSP to your TV, you access the game via your memory stick.

How to Set Things Up

Step 1: Get all your things ready, including the PSP.
This will definitely speed up the installation process.

Step 2: Plug the PSP to an AC adapter.
This step is optional. You may follow this only when your PSP battery is already running low or you expect yourself to last for hours later.

Step 3: Attach your component cables in your television.
Be mindful of the colors. As mentioned, component cables have 5 connectors with three different colors. If you don’t know which one goes where, you can look for guides online or have a short tutorial from the sales rep before you officially purchase the product.

Step 4: Turn the TV on.

Step 5: Select the most appropriate input.
We can’t tell you what it is since this varies among TV models. Go back to your manual.

Step 6: Turn the PSP on.
If you’re using PSP 2000, you can just search for Video Settings and choose the option to view output on your television. Otherwise, search for the display button and hold it until you can see the PSP menu on your TV screen.

If you’re ready to play some games, you need the memory stick or the UMD. Make sure you have stored the games properly. Else, they will not start at all. Find the slot in your PSP and insert it. Access the game via Game menu.

You’re good to go!

Using FuSa

There are a couple of plugins that are considered to be helpful in running PSP games smoothly in your television screen. One of these is FuSa.

fusa gamepad

FuSa aims to solve some of the common issues you have during connection. First, it lets you play games on any TV, including on standard televisions, which don’t have progressive scans. Second, you can use any kind of AV cable, whether composite, D-terminal, S-video, or component. Most of all, it scales the game according to the size of your screen.

What PSP games do you like to play on your TV? Come on, share them.

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