Organize Your Media and Music with Songbird

Songbird is a free downloadable open-source music organizer and player which could help you manage, systematize and play your music and other media files. It has the ability to import all your music files from any folder, monitor that folder for further music file additions and organizes all music files in an easy-to-read and access catalog.

Using Songbird is quite easy more so if you are familiar with the iTunes interface.

As its developers say “Songbird plays the Web”

Songbird Music

What does this mean?  Simply put, you can play all MP3 on the Web without you having to open another browser.  Why?  It is because Songbird has the capability to view all Web pages as a dynamic playlist that it can automatically download, save and play on a daily basis.  Songbird can play your music list too as it has all the features of a traditional desktop media player.

Step 1- The first thing that you should do to organize your media and music is to create a Media Library.

Select “File” and then click “Import Media” to successfully bring-in the media files into your library.   Select which folder in your hard drive or PC contains the music files.  Click “OK” and the music files should now show in the media library. Songbird will now automatically scan the folder and any sub-folders for media files and add them to the catalog. Transfer time depends on the size of the files.

Step 2- You can import/export iTunes to Songbirds

Using the iTunes importer, it will then be possible for Songbird to locate your iTunes library and import all the data such as playlists and individual tracks into Songbird. It is possible to export playlists and tracks uploaded in Songbird back to iTunes for easy syncing to iTouch or iPhone. To import, select “Tools” then “Options”.  Next, select the tab “Media Importer” then  “iTunes Import/Export”. Check your library options and location before selecting and clicking “Import Library”.

Step 3- If you wish for Songbird to monitor the contents of a music folder and periodically add/remove media files from the library, set the Watch Folders. Do this by selecting “Tools” then “Options”. Select the “Media Importer” and then the “Watch Folders”. Select which folder you want to monitor for changes.

Songbird Music

Step 4- Organizing your library files could be done automatically by the use of Media Management.

All you need to do is enable it to merge all media files in one location. Should you wish to, it’s possible to customize the folder’s structure and the file names in relation to the metadata of every track.  To set up the Media Management, select “Tools” then “Options”. From there, go to the “Manage Files” tab. Now, check the tab dialog that indicates “Allow Songbird to Manage My Files”. When done, choose the option on how you want to organize your music files.

Songbird automatically updates the location if there are changes in each metadata file.  Note that if you drag a song from the desktop into Songbird, you can delete that particular song without affecting the whole library.

Do you know of any other function that Songbird can do? Please share.

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