My List of The 10 Best iPad Apps For Teachers

Teachers may be one of the busiest working class alive. They work 5-6 days a week. Every day, they have to make a lesson plan, for which they have to make an exam. Each exam need to be cheked. And then they have to compute for the grade equivalents. Then the cycle begins again.

Are you a teacher who works tirelessly for your students? Then good thing there are apps that will make teaching easier. All you need is an iPad and any app or combination of the apps listed below. They will do all your extra stuff for you so you can focus on the thing you love the most –teaching.

Listed below are 10 apps that will aid you in your teaching profession. They are categorized into groups based on their functionalities.

Apps for Grading Students

Mark Calculator. This is one of the most fundamental apps in this list. Its sole function is to total a student’s grades and automatically convert the sum into a percentage. It is not much when it comes to functionality per se. But if you are a typical teacher who undergoes the routine said above, then this will make your life and your work a whole lot easier.

Mark Calculator

Teacher Tools.  Teacher tools may be your personal secretary. It will save your students’ marks and can even make some recommendations as to what grades you can give a student. It has a feature wherein you can input and store your comments about a particular student. As you retrieve these pieces of information, you can also view the date as to when you made the grades and the remarks. Lastly, it also helps you keep track of tardiness and absences. Truly, a personal secretary.

GradePad. This tool will enable you to input criteria and rate a student based on the given criteria. You make your own criteria and give your personal rating for each criterion. As such, this app is for subjective assessment of a student’s performance.


Apps for Writing/Storing School Materials

Pages. This is a classic app used by students and teachers alike because of its convenience and easy usability. By convenience, we mean that it allows the user to access different commonly used file formats such as Word and PDF. More than this, it enables users to edit their data and type on Word as if they were using their computer. For all things that need writing and reading, this should be your app.


NotePad Pro. For old fashioned teachers or those who simply prefer writing instead of typing, this is the app for you. Use your fingers or your stylus and write random thoughts popping into your head which you may need for class later.


Dropbox. Have you ever experienced preparing a lesson plan and storing it into an external flash drive only to leave the flash drive at home as you go to work? Yes, it will destroy your whole class plan for the day. Good thing there is Dropbox, an app which allows you to store your data online so you could retrieve it anywhere you go, as long as there is an internet connection.


Teacher’s Lesson Assistant

Planbook. This app helps teachers make their lesson plans. It has several features perfect for the teacher who takes his/her career seriously. It is like your planner, recording your daily schedule for you. Do you have a rotating schedule that always messes up your plans? No problem, this allows you to make a plan for rotating schedules, accommodating up to 14-day rotations. Moreover, bumping schedules for unexpected events is also easily done with this app. More functions are, of course, associated with this app, making it one of the greatest teacher’s assistant.


Dictionary. When it comes to lesson assistants, there’s always room for dictionaries. Let’s face it: even teachers forget the definition of words at times. This should solve your problems.


Discover. This app serves as your iPad encyclopedia. You should find a purpose for this at some point in your teaching profession.



Keynote. This app will help you prepare lecture presentation. In a nutshell, this helps you make your lectures more interesting and professional-looking by adding effect, such as animation and transition effects, to your slides. This is one of the top apps for those who want to make an impression to students through their lecture presentation.


There are many apps available in the market which teachers can utilize to aid them in their profession. These, in our view, are the 10 most useful and practical ones.

How do you like the apps? Would you recommend other apps in place of the ones given above? Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

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