Jailbreak iPod Touch/iPhone iOS 4.0.2 With Redsn0w

Want to jailbreak one your Touch or iPhone 4.0.2? It’s not as complex as you think.

iOS 4.0.2 Jailbreak: The Myths

ios 4.0.2 JailbreakA lot of people think that jailbreaking is going to be tedious and complicated. It’s really not. You may even get it the first time around. Moreover, if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing, you can always cancel the process and start whenever you’re ready.

Moreover, there are plenty of jailbreaking tools you can use. You’ll learn how to utilize one later. The web development teams all over the world also have a grand time challenging Apple’s genius by jailbreaking almost anything. The tutorials are also scattered everywhere in cyberspace.

You may also think that it immediately destroys your device. It doesn’t. The chances of that happening are very slim. But that doesn’t mean errors cannot occur. Usually the best step is to restore the device to its factory settings. It may cause the loss of all your important data, but it’s a whole lot better than buying a new Touch or iPhone (you’ll know why later).

Jailbreak iOS 4.0.2

As mentioned, there are many jailbreaking programs available. There’s Greenpois0n, Sn0wbreeze, and Redsn0w. For this tutorial, we’re going to use Redsn0w.

1. Attach Touch or iPhone to your PC using a USB cable.
2. Turn the device off. If the iTunes is open, close it.
3. Download the firmware version. In this case it’s iOS 4.0.2.
4. Update your firmware using the one you just downloaded with iTunes 9.2.1 (or higher; always get the latest one).
5. Download Redsn0w. Make sure that you’re getting the one that’s compatible with your operating system. Redsn0w works for both Mac and Windows.
6. Run Redsnow.
7. Click Browse and look for the final firmware file (the updated version).
8. Install Cydia.
9. Press Next.
10. Go into DFU mode. (We will present the steps later.)
11. Allow the jailbreaking software to do the rest. When everything is done, your Touch or iPhone will just automatically reboot. You will then find the Cydia icon in your springboard.

How to Go into DFU Mode

It is essential that you don’t skip this process in order to offer as much protection as you can to your device. Something may go wrong, and the recovery mode will not work. Here’s how to go into DFU mode:

1. Make sure that your device is still attached to your computer, but it’s off.
2. Press Sleep/Wake and Home buttons all together.
3. Release the Sleep/Wake button after 10 seconds but continue holding the Home button.
4. Wait until iTunes prompts you that it has detected your iPhone or iPod Touch in recovery mode.
5. Once you see the prompt, release the Home button.

What to Watch Out When You Jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.2

One, make sure that you follow the instructions to a T. Don’t just download any jailbreaking software. It should be created and maintained by well-known or experienced web developers. Be extremely careful when you do the steps. If you damage your device in the process, you’ll void your warranty as Apple doesn’t acknowledge jailbreaking.

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