Sync iPod To New Computer

Indeed, iPod and iTunes have a very special relationship. One will be useless without the other. But there’s actually a third wheel in the equation: your computer. You see, you need a PC or a laptop for your iTunes. You also need to have one so you can sync your iPod to your iTunes and store, manage, and download media files, especially music.

Their relationship is so intense that you have a huge possibility of losing your files if you decide to have another computer—but that doesn’t have to happen.

Sync iPod to New Computer Without Losing Songs

Sync iPod to new ComputerThe process may be quite long, but as long as you follow the steps properly, there will not be any trouble:

1. See to it that the media files are still in your iPod. Otherwise, you have nothing to transfer.

2. Download iTunes to your new computer. Of course, you need an Internet connection to do this. Don’t forget to obtain it only from Apple, and you should have the latest update. Depending on the speed of your new PC, this may take a while.

3. Connect your iPod to your PC. Since iTunes can easily recognize an Apple product, it may immediately synched and prompt you that you’re about to use a totally different library.

This part is the most crucial since your choice can break or make you. You have two options: Erase and Sync or Cancel. If you want to make sure that you don’t lose the files stored in your iPod, you need to choose Cancel. Again, focus at this step.

4. Go to Source Panel. You should see the name of your iPod on the list.
5. Proceed to Update Settings.
6. Select “Manually Manage Music and Videos.”
7. Press Apply.

By manually managing your music and videos, you now have the option to transfer the media files that you have to your iTunes without running the risk of losing them. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t stop there. Sooner or later, you still have to modify the settings and automatically sync them. This way, your iPod can still receive updates straight from iTunes.

How to Sync iPod

Does this sound complicated? It’s not, is it? Well, if you want something much easier, you can download programs such as iPod to Computer Transfer. As its name suggests, it’s a special application you can use to conveniently move all your files from the old library to a new one. Here are the steps:

• Download the application and install it in your computer.
• Attach the device to your PC.
• Launch the application. Like iTunes, it automatically searches for the device.
• Take a look at the media list it generates.
• Select the files you want to move.
• Press Start Transfer.
• Select if you want to transfer to your iTunes or to your hard drive.

Note, however, that programs such as this are not recommended by Apple. If something happens to your file or even to your device, you may not receive support from the company.

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