How To Put Songs On iPod From FrostWire & Youtube

One thing could be said above iPod users, in general: they love music to some degree. As such, they have looked for different websites to download their music from. One type of website from which most users download songs is the P2P website or torrents.

Several torrents are out there in the market. Among these is FrostWire. Now, you may ask, “how is FrostWire, a P2P website, compatible with iPod?” Well, strictly speaking, it is not. But you can do some little tweaks and you can transfer the songs you download from FrostWire to your iPod.

Transferring FrostWire Songs to my iPod


  1. Open FrostWire (Assuming you have FrostWire already)
  2. Go to Tools, and click Options located at the top of the window.
  3. Under Options, go to Saving from the panel on the left side of the screen and set your iTunes Music folder as the folder where you save your downloaded files.
  4. Download a song from FrostWire (by double-clicking on a chosen song)
    Once you finish downloading the file, the file will automatically go to your iTunes folder.
  5. Sync your iPod to your computer. Because your FrostWire-downloaded songs are saved automatically to your iTunes, every time you sync your iPod to your iTunes, you instantly copy your FrostWire songs to your iPod as well.

Aside from P2P websites, such as FrostWire, another place where users download songs is the sensational YouTube. But, why not, right? People upload all types of songs there. As such, you are likely to find your desired song in the website.

Now you ask, most of the uploaded files are videos, right? How do I convert them to mp3 so I could store them to my iPod?

Converting Video Files to mp3 DVDVideoSoft converter


Well, there are many possible ways, actually. One is through the use of free file conversion sites. We teach you here how to do this using a prototype website, DVDVideoSoft converter.

  1. Download the free program from their website.
  2. Launch the program. This is an easy and straightforward process.
  3. On the appearing window, post your YouTube links. You will know where to post your links as a sign will indicate the location for your links. Post as many links as you want.
  4. Customize your output format by choosing .mp3 in the Format option in the lower left side of the window.
  5. Download the video by clicking the download button at the lower right hand side of the screen. Your conversion may take some time, especially if you put several files for conversion.

Automatically, a folder will be made for your downloads for their storage. Simply open this folder to view your files.

P2P and YouTube are two common websites by music lovers to download free songs from. Most P2P websites, such as FrostWire, can be compatible with iPod if you save your downloaded songs to iTunes. For YouTube, on the other hand, video converters are necessary. An example of which is DVDVideoSoft. However, there are many other out there in the market. We provided you with an example, it’s up for you to decide which you want to utilize.

And after you enjoy all your music, please remember to get back to us and give us your comments on this article. Thank you!

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