How To Get Songs Into Floola And Then Into Your iPod Touch

iPod Touch and iPod are two types of portable multimedia devices that are used for storing and playing AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and MP3 (MPEG Audio layer 3) format supported audio files.  iTunes is the default application used to manage the content of these MP3 players. However, using iTunes has its limitations in terms of OS compatibility- that is why there are several alternatives to iTunes. One of them is Floola.

What is Floola?

It is a freeware solution that affords you to sync music, videos, artworks, podcasts, playlists and photos from your desktop or laptop into your iPod without using iTunes.  The free program is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh and provides easy and no-fuss two-way transfer of media files. Additional features not found in iTunes are video syncing, search for lyrics and syncing of Google calendar.  Currently, Floola is not compatible with iPod Touch, iPod Shuffles and iPhone.

So how does one get songs from Floola and then into an iPod?

Step 1- Go to and download the latest version of this free software. For PC users, follow the on-screen installation process. For Mac users, open the download folder to drag/drop the Floola icon to the Finder application folder.

Download Floola

Step 2- For PC users, click “Start” on the task bar and then click “All Programs” then “iTunes”. For Mac users, click “Go” which is at the top of the screen. From the submenu select “Applications” and then double-click the “iTunes” icon to open and run the program.

Step 3- Set up the iPod by plugging it into the USB port of your computer (PC or Mac). Check the iTunes sidebar for the iPod icon then click on it. Look for “enable disk use” and click. Search for “manually manage music and videos” then tick the box.

Step 4 – Search for “automatically open iTunes when this iPod is attached” and uncheck. Click “apply”.

itunes Music

Step 5- In the iTunes sidebar, click “Music” then choose a song and drag to the iPod icon. This is a necessary process.

Drop Songs

Step 6 – Exit iTunes.

For Mac users click the Applications folder in the Finder submenu then double-click the “Floola” icon to run. For PC users, click the Floola icon on your desktop. If the icon is not on the desktop, click “Start” on the task bar then “All Programs” then Floola.

Step 7- For Mac users, click “Finder”. For PC users double-click “My Computer” icon to access the Music folder.

Step 8- Click “Item” on the Floola window, select “Add” to insert music to the Floola program.  Just double-click or press the “Shift” key to highlight the songs and then click “Add”.

Step 9- Since the iPod is already connected, Floola has already detected the connection.  Choose then click the songs you want to transfer to the iPod. For PC users, simultaneously press “Shift” and “A”, “CTRL”. For Mac users, drag and drop the song selection to the window that shows the green arrow to transfer songs to the iPod.

Step 10-  After the transfer, hold down “Shift” key to exit Floola and safely disconnect the iPod.

Well now, do you think you could effortlessly sync the music files from your PC into your iPod?

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