How to fix iPod Sync Error 13019

Apple iPod techs claim that this is the most common error reported to-date. The process to fix iPod Sync Error 13019 is asked so often that we thought it would be beneficial to iPod users to have this article written for your convenience. The Apple iPod techs understand when you call with the following statement, “my iPod won’t sync.” The iPod Sync Error 13019 commonly appears while synchronizing to your favorite music. In order to get your iPod to start synchronizing properly, you only need to follow a few easy steps.

Steps to take to fix the Sync Error

You will need to go into iTunes under devices and select the iPod Touch or iPhone that you have that won’t sync. When you find that your iPod won’t sync and that error 13019 appears in your screen then you need to do the following:
1. After you have selected the right iPod in iTunes, you will need to click the Music tab that is located under the Sync Music option.
2. When you are in the Sync Music option then you should choose the Selected playlists.
3. You will then need to unselect the Voice Memos playlist.
4. The next step is to click apply and then click Sync.
These are the main initial steps that should resolve iPod Sync Error 13019. If these steps do not work and you are still saying, “my iPod won’t sync.” Then you should check the device and make sure that the battery has power. Then you should check and make sure that the iTunes library does not contain duplicate voice memos. When you find that there are, delete them and do the sync process all over again.

Error 13019”, Steps to take to fix the Sync Error

When you find that the above steps did not fix the sync error then you should follow these steps:
1. First in order to fix the error, in the iTunes under devices, choose the iPod or iPhone.
2. Afterwards, please click the Music tab so that you can unselect the Sync Music option.
3. The next step is to click apply and then click Sync.
4. When the Sync is complete, you should reselect the Sync Music option.
5. Touch the apply button and then touch the playlist button in order to Sync again which put your iPod in good working order.
When you find the iPod still has the error message when you need to sync other things like videos, photos etc. then you should redo the steps above but uncheck the content that stops syncing with Error 13019.
You should find that this process would fix your sync error without any more problems. It is difficult when you are not able to Sync your iPod when you need to use it or want to add more iTunes. This is a common error that techs from Apple often hear. A problem easily resolved by following the above steps or contacting your tech from Apple for instructions.

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