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If you own an iPhone, and are fed up of having the same old ringtones, but find that to buy new iPhone 3G ringtones is quite costly, you’ll be delighted to know that there is an easy way to help you make your own ringtones from any song of your choice, and that too for free! You can make as many iPhone 3G ringtones as you wish, using any soundtrack for creating a ringtone, all without paying a cent. Here’s how it can be done.

Create iPhone 3G ringtones with iTunes

All that you’ll need are an iPhone which works with Apple products that sync with iTunes, the latest version of iTunes and the MP3 file from which you want a ringtone. Find your favorite song, which you must have added to your library by opening iTunes. If it was bought from iTunes, it will mostly include an option to create iPhone 3G ringtones automatically. Right click on the song or command click if you are using a Mac, select create ringtone, a window will pop up and the song will appear in the ringtone folder. Then sync your iPhone or drag the file manually.

Download free ringtones for iPhone 3G

Free iPhone 3G RingtonesYou can also get free ringtones from various sources online. While several websites allow you to download them for free, there are other websites that allow you to get iPhone 3G ringtones only after you become a member, or pay a fee, etc. While you may feel wonder why you are paying for ringtones, while you can just get ringtones for iPhone 3G from other sites and sources, bear this in mind: not all the free websites offer you safe downloads. You could inadvertently be downloading viruses, malware and spyware, along with your ringtone. Moreover, the quality of the ringtones can be quite poor, or you may even be downloading an entirely different set of ringtones for the iPhone than the one you wanted. Be sure to look for sites that allow you to preview your ringtone before you download it, so that you know exactly which ringtone you are downloading. Once you find a good site that allows you to get good ringtones for your iPhone, be sure to bookmark it. Legit sites are hard to come by.

Other ways to get free ringtones for iPhone 3G

Another option for getting new ringtones for the Apple iPhone could be through the third party iPod touch apps through which you can create and install new ringtones. Some of these software include iBrickr by natetrue, iPhoneRingTonemaker by Efiko and MakeiPhone Ringtone by Rogue Amoeba. However, the catch here lies in the fact that you need to hack or ‘jailbreak’ you iPhone before third party software can be installed on your iPhone. You can refer to several online guides about Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that software updates, more often than not, remove all free ringtones for iPhone 3G that you download and install on your phone, so make sure you have a backup of your ringtones. You can have different ringtones for each user too, so you can identify the caller by just hearing your ringtone!

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