Download Youtube Videos And Then Convert Them To MP3

Have you experienced seeing a video in YouTube that is so funny and  interesting that you want to save it into your computer? DVDVideoSoft, a program designer which has made software packages for converting files, will let you do just this.

As such, if you are one of those people looking for a program that will let you download YouTube videos, this article is for you. But it does not stop there; this will also teach you how to use DVDVideoSoft to convert your video files to MP3 so it can be compatible with your iPod. Why don’t we get started?

Downloading YouTube Videos

Step 1: Download DVDVideoSoft’s YouTube Download

DVDVideoSoft’s Video Downloader is available in their website. Downloading the software package is free and safe.


Step 2: Launch the Program

Go to the folder where you have saved the program and click on it. The interface is user-friendly. It is simple and not complicated. Even a beginner will have no problem navigating through it.

Step 3: Paste the YouTube Links

Once you launch the program, you will see an “open window” which asks you to paste the links of all the YouTube files that you want downloaded there. You can paste as many as you wish.

Step 4:  Select your Video Format

Choose your new video format by going to the Preset section found below the said “window.” There, you can choose which format you would like your video to be saved as. You can save it in the original YouTube format, as AVI, or as MP4.

Step 5: Start your Download

Download the video by clicking the download button in the lower right corner of your DVDVideoSoft window.

Now, how do you transfer this to your iPod? Well, in order for you to be able to transfer the files to your iPod, you have to convert them into Mp3. Here’s how.

Converting Videos to MP3

Step 1: Download the Video to MP3 Converter from DVDVideoSoft

Step 2: Launch the Program

Step 3: Select Input Video

Select the video you want to convert. DVDVideoSoft supports many different video input formats.

Step 4: Select Output Location and Fix Output Settings

By default, your output video will have the same name as your input video. However, you can edit this according to your preference. Moreover, there are options such as tags and preset settings. Edit them as you please.

After you have fixed the settings, choose a destination folder for your file before you start converting the video file.

Step 5: Convert the video file

Click convert in the lower right corner of the DVDVideoSoft screen to convert the video.

That’s that: downloading YouTube videos and converting them to MP3. It’s as easy as a walk in the park. Now you’re ready to bring your files in your iPod everywhere you go.

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