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Dubroom has been providing reggae music since 1997. Most of their music selection includes creations made from their own studio under Net Label. It is a collaboration between Dubroom and “Star Selections” record studio. Both of them share the same interest and passion towards reggae music. Their main objective is to promote reggae music and artists online.

Dubroom offers free reggae music which are all legal to download

The variety of choices is not limited to Dubroom’s self-produced artists. Dubroom grants reggae artists the opportunity to produce and sell their music online.  Aside from releasing albums, they also publish online reviews of reggae albums and artists. Dubroom continuously expands their archive and is always on the lookout for exceptional reggae music created by independent reggae and dub artists. Downloading music from Dubroom does not require any registration.


There are 4 options to download depending on your preferred way of browsing. It could be by songs, by artist, by albums, or through their blog.

Option 1: Here is the list of recently added songs and reviews of dub reggae mp3 tracks:

Option 2: You can also browse artist names by choosing the alphabets located above the table in option 1. Once you have chosen the artist, click “GO”.  You will now see the album cover, artist review, and the list of reviewed free and legal mp3 songs.

For options 1 and 2: You can directly download the mp3 songs listed by right-clicking “MP3” and choosing “save link as…” You can also listen to the song first before downloading by directly clicking “MP3”.

Option 3: Whole reggae albums can also be downloaded here. Brief descriptions are provided to give you the gist of who the artist is and what the album is about. Click “download page” or “download album”.

Option 4: You can also downloaded songs here as you browse through Dubroom’s blog of music reviews.

Reggae Music DownloadsReggae music originated inJamaicain 1960. Reggae is characterized by off-beat rhythm known as skank. It is a union of bits and pieces from many genres like R&B, jazz, African and Latin American music. Reggae is usually played using staccato chords played with piano, guitars, bass, and percussion on the off-beats of the measure. Reggae music is popularized by the infamous Bob Marley.

Remixing of recorded material with giving focus on the drum and bass guitar is a feature of dub reggae, a subgenre of reggae. Continuous support and promotion of dub reggae has been the main focus of Dubroom.

At Dubroom, there are currently more than 300 reviewed MP3 tracks and more than 100 artists to choose from. Different reggae subgenres offered include dancehall, pop reggae, ska, rocksteady, rub a dub, UKdub and roots, contemporary roots, and many others. Find out more about what these genres are here in Dubrooms FAQs.

Any other information about reggae music and Dubroom you want to share? Did you successfully download from Dubroom’s selection of free reggae music? Any questions, comments, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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