Can You Hide iPod Touch & iPhone Apps Without Jailbreaking?

Yes you can. But why would you want to do that? Well, aside from the default apps that came with your iPhone or iPod Touch when you purchased it (the ones that you never use) you might have bought a few “embarrassing” applications (yes, there are plenty of those out there) on a whim, and now you’d rather not have your friends (or your mom) find them there.

Delete iPhone AppsIt didn’t use to be a problem because you used to be able to simply delete them and no traces would have been left. Nowadays however, you would still find them under the “Purchased” section of the App Store. The rationale there is that, if you accidentally deleted an application for which you paid good money, it will not be lost to you completely because you can just download it again.

The problem is only with iPhone applications you actually want to get rid of. The good news here is that if you cannot delete them completely at least you can hide these embarrassing purchases, and you need not jailbreak your device. If your device is jailbroken, there are applications out there (e.g. SB Settings) that were written specifically for jailbroken iOS devices, but that’s a different story.

Now, here are the steps to hide those apps:

Step 1. On any of your iOS devices, load up the App Store application.

Step 2. For iPhone & iPod touch only – tap on “Updates” at the bottom of your screen, and then go to the “Purchased” line at the top of the screen. (For iPad – directly tap “Purchased” at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3. All your purchased iPhone apps will be displayed and you can scroll through the list to find the ones you wish to hide. When you find them, simply swipe across with your finger as if you were deleting it and a “hide” button will appear. Just tap on this “hide” button to remove the app from your purchased list.

If you accidentally hide an application, unfortunately there is no convenient “undo” button at the moment, but you can still reverse it. Just load up App Store again, go to the “Featured” section and scroll to the very bottom. Here you will find your email address. Simply tap on it and input your account options. Select “View Account”. You will find a section for “Hidden Purchases”. From here you can proceed to unhide those apps that you want back.

If you tried these steps, tell us how it went. If you do have other tips please share them with us.

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