Infinity Blade 2: The Much Awaited Sequel

Infinity Blade II

We are sure that you still remember Infinity Blade, the platform-challenging iOS title that Chair Entertainment introduced last year. Thousands of eager iOS gamers bought the game and enjoyed what it has brought to the table—which are stunning graphics and a dynamic gameplay that we have never seen with the other iPhone, iPod Touch, or [...]

Gear Up For Mental Exercise With Unblock Me

Unblock Me-1

What makes a highly addictive puzzle game for the iOS platform? First, it must be visually appealing and quite simple in terms of controls. Plus, it has to be able to introduce new challenges in a good pace that will hook the player right in. Unblock Me, a puzzle title from Kirakorn Chimkool, has all [...]

Cover Orange: Get Your Citrus Defense On

Cover Orange

Angry Birds was a wildly popular puzzle game for mobile players—it is all about avenging the theft of some bird eggs by a couple of green marauding pigs. However, the Rovio title is all about offense and attacking your opponent. FDG Mobile Games introduces Cover Orange, which features the same addicting qualities of a good [...]

8 Steps to Transfer Applications Between 2 iPhones


A lot of iPhone users confuse themselves when it comes to its functionality in terms of transferring and syncing applications, especially between 2 iPhones. This happens with couples that want to program their phones exactly the same with each other. Or business partners who want to save on cost by downloading applications in one go. [...]

10 Android Apps In 2012 I Can’t Live Without

Boat Browser

An Android smartphone is only as good as the apps you’ve installed in it. So whether you have a high-end model or a low-end unit, you can get the best use out of your phone by downloading the right mix of applications. But what apps should you download, exactly? Well, that really depends on your [...]

How To Transfer Angry Birds Data From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch To Your Mac


If you need to transfer your Angry Birds data from any of your iOS devices to your Mac or to sync your game across all your iOS devices, you may choose from either of the 2 methods shown below. One method is by using iExplorer. It used to be called iPhone Explorer but has since [...]

The Best 5 Youtube to iPhone Video Converters

4Media Converter

Videos uploaded in Youtube vary from different formats. It supports video files like MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, and FLV, among others. Once a video is uploaded to Youtube, the video format will automatically become a FLV file, to support the website’s flash player. When a video is downloaded, the format is still in FLV, [...]

A Highly Engaging Defense Game: FieldRunners


We are pretty sure that the “tower defense” game genre has been around for some time. This genre has enjoyed multiple incarnations, but the mechanics are pretty much the same—you will have to build defensive structures that will protect your territory from hordes upon hordes of enemy forces. FieldRunners does not stray too far away [...]

Hanging With Friends: An Interesting Combination of Two Brilliant Games

Hanging with Friends

If you are looking for a decent word game for your iOS device, then you will surely find one with the Zynga title Hanging With Friends. This game is an attempt to use the successful Words With Friends formula with the tried and tested mechanics of the classic hangman. However, not a lot of iOS [...]

Top 7 Ways To Legally Download Free Music


Finding music on the internet is a no brainer. Everything is practically at the end of your fingertips. Finding FREE music is just as easy, they number in the hundreds of thousands. How can you be sure that the free music files you find are truly legal to download? You can’t, of course. It all [...]

Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S And Install Apps That Apple Won’t Admit Into Its App Store


Apple makes some of the best products around, but it also places a large amount of restrictions on them so that you can’t fully experience all the goodness of the hardware’s features. In this sense, the open source Android platform enjoys an advantage over iOS because Google isn’t so uptight about sharing. So what do [...]

City Story: Build The City of Your Imaginations

City Story-1

If you could build your perfect city, how would it look like? Of course you know how would look like, but it would be in your imaginations and sharing it with other people would be difficult, unless you could draw like an architect. With City Story for the iPhone and iPad, you can design your [...]

Angry Birds Seasons: Something Special For The Holidays

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds has become a worldwide hit for mobile app developer Rovio and the franchise has since spawned other special editions such as Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space. Our favorite raging avians are back again to spread some holiday cheer with Angry Birds Seasons, which takes players through more than 260 levels that [...]

My 10 Favorite Personal Finance Blackberry Apps of 2012


Smartphones are designed to make hectic lives more manageable. Hundreds of applications are written to differentiate one from the other. The BlackBerry® is among the best of them with personal finance applications that are definite “must haves”. #1- eWallet for BlackBerry ByIliumSoftware Safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized users without sacrificing convenience. eWallet tracks account numbers, passwords, [...]

Doodle Jump: Jump Your Way Into Addiction

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a painfully simple game, but who’s to say that simplicity won’t lead to greatness. Believe it or not, Doodle Jump is one of the greatest mobile games ever despite of its simplicity. In fact, simplicity is one of the reasons why so many gamers have become addicted to it. Move aside PS3, [...]