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8 Cool iPhone Applications That Lego Fans Will Love

Lego Batman iPod Touch game

LEGO is a very popular brand of construction toy that first came out in the late 1940s.  The toy is all about plastic interlocking bricks, a whole gamut of gears, mini figures and other parts that are connected and assembled. The assembled figure could take on the form of a building or a vehicle or [...]

5 Top Benefits of Installing Web Apps in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Apps

Google has been expanding over time by providing new features and services to help you manage important information not only for your work but for your personal satisfaction as well. Google released its own browser called Chrome in 2008. Since then, Google has been continuously working on improvements such as Google Apps and Extensions. Here [...]

5 Best Free Dating Apps For Android Devices


Technologies in communication have remarkably succeeded in bringing people closer despite distance, culture, differences and other complexities. On top of this good outcome of instant messaging, video calling, and other applications that bring people together; the creative minds behind these technologies bring dating through mobiles easier and much exciting than before. There are several dating [...]

5 Cool Google Chrome Apps for Teens

Google-Books App

Google Chrome was developed by Google as answer for a freeware web browser up there with Internet Explorer and Firefox. First released in the last quarter of 2008, Google Chrome has a large number of users now. Statistics show that as of the first quarter of 2012, Google Chrome is just a few numbers away [...]

Top 10 Social Networking Apps For iPod Touch And iPhone


The popularity of social networking sites is almost unparalleled. Facebook alone has more than 700 million users and its integration to iPhone and iPod Touch was inevitable. There is close to 300,000 iPhone applications currently available and a number of which relate to social networking sites. Here is a list of the top 10 social [...]

How To Make Money With Free iPhone Applications

facebook Apps

Giving away free stuff is an age old marketing strategy.  It has been used since the earliest times of sales and it continues to be an effective sales and marketing tool in this age of online commerce and mobile lifestyles.  Thus, it is no surprise that you can indeed make money by giving away free [...]

Can You Hide iPod Touch & iPhone Apps Without Jailbreaking?

Delete iPhone Apps

Yes you can. But why would you want to do that? Well, aside from the default apps that came with your iPhone or iPod Touch when you purchased it (the ones that you never use) you might have bought a few “embarrassing” applications (yes, there are plenty of those out there) on a whim, and [...]

17 Cool iPad Apps For Developers And Designers

IPad Apps For Web Designers

A well-designed visual is something anyone would not want to miss looking at. Talent can create visually-appealing creations, but no one ever said that you cannot get help from design software and applications. Whether you are a developer or a designer of any sorts, here are some of the coolest iPad applications that you can [...]

iPhone 4S Apps vs. Android Apps: Which Are Better for You?

Android Apps

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two most popular mobile platforms today — and the rivalry keeps escalating to epic proportions. Not content with merely outselling each other, they have taken to duking it out in courtrooms as well as retail stores. But for consumers, there’s really only one question that matters: which one [...]

10 Android Apps In 2012 I Can’t Live Without

Boat Browser

An Android smartphone is only as good as the apps you’ve installed in it. So whether you have a high-end model or a low-end unit, you can get the best use out of your phone by downloading the right mix of applications. But what apps should you download, exactly? Well, that really depends on your [...]

My 10 Favorite Personal Finance Blackberry Apps of 2012


Smartphones are designed to make hectic lives more manageable. Hundreds of applications are written to differentiate one from the other. The BlackBerry® is among the best of them with personal finance applications that are definite “must haves”. #1- eWallet for BlackBerry ByIliumSoftware Safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized users without sacrificing convenience. eWallet tracks account numbers, passwords, [...]

50 Free Apps For iPod Touch You Can’t Live Without

Pandora iPhone

Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPads) first became popular because of their ability to be reliable music players. Now, these Apple gadgets have been redesigned to have more features to suit the general users’ needs and preference. Better news: with the dawn of the iPod Touch apps and the App Store, the iPhone and [...]

10 Video Streaming Android Applications You Need To Download


There are numerous Android Apps that download movies, stream TV and where you can watch some latest movies; too. They may be even more than 300,000 Android Apps that the Android Market brags around. You can pick any from among these Free Apps for your Android Video Players and get the full entertainment whenever and [...]

12 Essential Health And Fitness Android Apps

Android Fitness Apps

Have you realized that health is wealth? There is direct correlation between health and fitness for better lifestyle. If you own an Android phone or Blackberry then you have the access to different treats, tips and Apps for health and fitness that cover calorie counts, medical advice and nutritional help. Below is the list of [...]

Steps To Install Android Market On Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is one of the coolest and most useful gadgets released by Amazon in 2011. If you own one now, kudos! You can use it to stream movies and TV shows, and access Amazon’s Appstore and Kindle’s e-books. But did you know that Android Market can be installed in Kindle Fire too? Yes, you [...]