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We all know how enjoyable it is to capture every fun single moment of our lives. With all the technology geared specifically towards that, we can all document those moments easily. Even Apple devices such as the iPod already have built-n cameras on them that one can use to take iPod Touch pictures or videos.

Some iPod owners do not have any idea how to use their iPods as a fully functioning camera or even as an electronic album to store some of their fun moments. For those who are new to the iPod Touch or even the iPhone, here is a guide that can help you in putting and storing photos into your iPod Touch devices.

iPod Touch Pictures


1)    First, you must have your syncing cable ready. This is the white one that usually comes with the package the first time you bought your iPod devices. Have it ready then plug your device with it and connect it to your PC.

2)    Open up your iTunes and make sure that your device is the primary device of that particular iTunes. Remember that when you use another person’s iTunes library, it automatically deletes your own files and copies the library of the iTunes you are syncing into. You can usually modify this feature but then it’s still better for you to use your very own iTunes library.

iPod Nano Photos3)    Once your device has been read, click on the “Photos” section of your library. Here you can see the iPhone pictures already present in your device.

You can then proceed and choose photo folders and files saved from your iPhoto library or anywhere in your computer. Select the iPod photos folder you want to import into your device. If you just want specific files and not the entire folder, open the folder and select the iPod pictures you want to save into your device promptly.

4)    After selecting the photos you want, click then on the “Sync” button located at the lower right hand side of your iTunes. While the syncing process is ongoing, it is advisable for you to leave your iPod Touches alone first and not use them.

Unlocking the main screen of your device usually cancels the syncing process so you might have to browse through folders again to sync the photos that you want to import.

5)    After the syncing is done and your iTunes already indicated that your device could now be properly ejected, check your iPod photos folder to see if the pictures you synced are really there.

You can also check this through the capacity bar. The Photos partition should increase to indicate the additional iPod photos you have placed.

After you have checked everything, you can now browse your pictures whenever, wherever. You can also sync your videos, music and other apps or add more iPod pictures to your device as long as you update your library to include these new files. The iPod Touch is a handy new device that not only functions as a multi-media player but also as a photo album where you can store memories for easy reminiscing.

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