5 Top Video Converters You Should Check Out

Ever since the creation of the boob tube, people have sat in front of the television for hours for information and entertainment. In this modern day and age, people are given the chance to bring their videos anywhere they want, thanks to the different portable gadgets invented.

However, your ability to bring your videos around with you depends on the compatibility of the videos to your gadget. Here, we list some video converters you could use so that you can bring your video files anywhere you want.

Quick Media Converter

Quick Media Converter is a universal video converter. By “universal,” we mean that it can read almost any video file and convert it to another video file of your desire. The formats it supports include FLV, AVI, DIVX, and all MPEG files. Moreover, it also supports iPod- and iPhone-readable video files.

It has two modes: the easy mode and the expert mode. The former has an all-in-one interface which presents to you all the options for conversion in one interface, allowing you to convert videos with ease. The latter is more complicated, yet more sophisticated. It allows for a more detailed video conversion and editing. By the way, did we say that this is free?

Quick Media Converter

AVS Video Converter

AVS Video Converter is one of the most versatile of the video converters. It supports all major video formats out there, supporting files compatible with your popular gadgets such as iPhones, BlackBerry, PS3, Zen, etc. Aside from video conversion, it allows you to manage camera videos so you could edit them any way you please. You can also use it to put effects on your Blu-ray DVDs. It is like an all-in-one product!

AVS Video Converter

Format Factory

Format Factory is a freeware that reads and converts to and from any video format. With this, you will have no problem uploading videos to your favorite gadgets such as the BlackBerry, iPod, iPhone, or PSP –all of which support different types of video format. Batch conversion for faster performance is also a feature of this program, making transferring of files to mobile gadgets faster.

Some reviews say that this crashes with some corrupt/non-standard files or when the uploaded files are too many. However, this is still worth trying especially if you’re looking for a program that can convert to all the common types of video format.

Format Factory

MPEG Streamclip (for MAC and Windows)

MPEG streamclip is another note-worthy video converter that has versions for MAC and Windows. Like all the ones mentioned above, it supports all major file formats for conversion, but can also support some “minor” file formats. As added perks for this, it can also download online videos and can edit movies.

The quality is nearly excellent, and the usability is very easy. One review even says that, although this is a freeware, it should be “upgraded” to be a “for-purchase” software because of the quality of its output. Try it so you can know for yourself.

MPEG Streamclip

Any Video Converter

The usability of this converter is as simple as its name sounds. Even the computer illiterate can manage to use this file by himself. The interface is quite simple and straightforward for easy navigation and video-management, yet the output is nothing below average. Despite this, it has options and settings which can let you manage advanced video conversion. As such, this converter is for both beginners and advanced users.

Any Video Converter

We have just presented to you 5 different video converters which will surely solve all your video conversion woes. Which one suits you best? We would like to know. Give us your reviews.

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