25 Top Torrent Downloading Sites In 2012

Thanks to BitTorrent or torrent downloading sites, peer-to-peer file sharing has become easier, (and for most of the time) free method to share media files such as movies, music, TV shows, software and even digital books online. The practice of P2P sharing has swept the net and caught on any tech-savvy person that torrent file downloading daily could very well be in the tens of millions daily.

File-SharingIn the case of torrent file downloading, the more uploaders (seeders) there are, the faster the “sharing” will be. Downloaders or leechers are always encouraged to keep their torrent fie open after a download so they could in turn be seeders.

There are plenty of popular Torrent downloading sites and seeders and leechers all over the world have their own favorite and recommended sites. In 2011, the Pirate Bay was the top torrent site more so in the UK, US, Germany, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. Since most torrent file sharing is mostly free, there might be some copyright issues that should not be skirted around.

Listed below are the top 25 torrent downloading sites as of March 2012. Most of these sites offer both paid and free subscriptions.  A premium or paid account charges certain fees to access the torrent file directly and quickly.

Here is a random list of the top 25 torrent file downloading sites chosen by users for 2012

  1. Kick Ass Torrents went online in 2010. The site has a growing community of users who watch over the quality of torrent files. The site has a feedback and comment system where the users leave their recommendations or advice on a particular torrent.
  2. Isohunt has three varied servers and is formatted where user rating, sorting and ranking of torrents are featured. The site had clashed with the Canadian Recording Industry for copyright issues and to date is still under threat of a forced shutdown. However, this torrent site continues to offer a wide range of torrent files to users. Note that adult advertising has become the norm in this site.
  3. Demonoid is a semi-private community of torrents users where each member is responsible for any leeching done by people they’ve invited. This site takes torrent downloading seriously and is one of the leaders of P2P ethos. You need to be a member or and invited guest to be able to download torrents from this site.
  4. Torrent Zap has a modest catalog and not as extensive as other leading sites. However, it is possible to find the real torrents by skipping past the external search results. The site has plenty of advertising to keep the site free.
  5. Torlock pay their users commission for reporting dubious and fake torrents to the community. There is no wasted downloading of fake files here which makes for a safe and fast torrent downloading
  6. The Pirate Bay has been on top of the torrent downloading community. However in 2009, the Stockholm-based site’s founders were sentenced to a year in prison for violating copyright laws in their country. Today Pirate Bay is still in “business” with its site hosted in another country and with a revamped format.
  7. Your Bit Torrent is almost advertising-free. Torrent downloading from this site is fast, clean and hassle-free.
  8. G Pirate allegedly is currently the most extensive search engine. Its format is not as professional-looking as other torrent sites but it does deliver.
  9. Torrentz is unique with its verified filtering features which makes this site a credible for downloaders
  10. New Torrents claims to filter fake and obsolete torrent files in real time. You can search for little-known old and new torrents here.
  11. Bite Nova was Bi-Torrents. This site has a fast-searching format and offers free torrent download.
  12. Torrent Bit has a simple yet highly functional interface. P2P users will be able to search for torrent trackers and hashes here.
  13. Thunderbytes is a members-only torrent download site. You need an invitation or make a small donation in order to join this site.
  14. Entertane is a meta-search engine which scours other search engines for the torrent file that you are looking for. The result is presented in a convenient form for easy browsing.
  15. Vertor filters unreliable and fake torrents, DRM locks, viruses, passwords and such.  Service has been deemed excellent by users.
  16. Cinema Torrents affords IMDB ratings and users’ opinion on the movie that you want to download.
  17. Extra Torrent is peppered with advertisement but this site offers its users movie plot summaries, links to same-genre movies, photos of actors and users’ recommendations.
  18. Torrent Pond is another meta-search engine that comes with high recommendations from 2P2 users. However, the site is littered with advertisements.
  19. Torrent Funk makes use of verified torrent to lessen the number of fake torrents. It also has crosslinks for movies with users’ recommendations. This torrent site is very popular.
  20. Fenopy is linked with Last.fm radio and IMDB and fitted with user-friendly methods of browsing for music and movie torrent files. A helpful feature is thumbnails of the media files.
  21. Bitsnoop has high reliability and navigability. It has a community of concerned users who make sure that all torrent files are credible. Advertising is minimized for users’ convenience.
  22. Torrents Café is quit new but it has a growing community of users. The interface needs improvement but the ratio of seeders and leechers is exemplary.
  23. BT Scene is an “old hand” in torrents downloading. It’s loaded with torrent files ready for download but it does have a lot of pop-up and adult ads.
  24. FlixFlux is a UK torrent site more commonly used by European seeders (and leechers). The site is highly recommended for music and movie downloads but this site might not be suitable for very young users as the site has adult advertising.
  25. Torrent Tree is another meta-search engine that is written in Ajax code. It is highly recommended as it tends to pull more search results of appropriate torrents than other meta-search engines.

Have you tried any of these torrent sites? Why not try some of them then get back to us for feedback. 

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