My 10 Favorite Personal Finance Blackberry Apps of 2012


Smartphones are designed to make hectic lives more manageable. Hundreds of applications are written to differentiate one from the other. The BlackBerry® is among the best of them with personal finance applications that are definite “must haves”. #1- eWallet for BlackBerry ByIliumSoftware Safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized users without sacrificing convenience. eWallet tracks account numbers, passwords, [...]

Doodle Jump: Jump Your Way Into Addiction

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a painfully simple game, but who’s to say that simplicity won’t lead to greatness. Believe it or not, Doodle Jump is one of the greatest mobile games ever despite of its simplicity. In fact, simplicity is one of the reasons why so many gamers have become addicted to it. Move aside PS3, [...]

Indulge Your Inner Deity With Pocket God

Pocket God

The iOS platform is home to thousands upon thousands of apps and games that keep us from getting bored, amuse us at times, and fulfill our many fantasies. Pocket God is one of those apps that make the impossible possible—and by impossible we mean that you get to act as the God that rules an [...]

Tap Zoo: Build And Manage Your Own Zoo Right Now

Tap Zoo

What if you could manage a clean and beautiful zoo without having to deal with all the animal manure that you would otherwise need to scoop out yourself when running an actual park? Tap Zoo is a free iPhone game that allows you build and customize your own virtual animal safari park at your fingertips! [...]

50 Free Apps For iPod Touch You Can’t Live Without

Pandora iPhone

Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPads) first became popular because of their ability to be reliable music players. Now, these Apple gadgets have been redesigned to have more features to suit the general users’ needs and preference. Better news: with the dawn of the iPod Touch apps and the App Store, the iPhone and [...]

Pocket Frogs Make It Possible For You To Breed Your Own Frogs!

Pocket Frogs

Kids are really fascinated with pet games. They like to take care of pets, play with them and even watch them grow. While the most popular pets are dogs and cats, Pocket Frogs brings something unique. If you like the idea of having virtual frogs (be it for you or the kids), then take some [...]

Cooking Mama: How Well Can You Cook for Mama?

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a fun and exciting game to play. However, if you want to learn how to really cook, you might not want to take this game as your cooking lessons. The cooking done in this game is for entertainment purposes only. If you need to take cooking lessons, do so from professionals. About [...]

The Best 10 Free iPad Apps to Manage Your Finances

Financial iPad Apps

The iPad is not a “toy” as thought of by many during its initial year. Today, it has proven  itself to be more than a gadget for online gaming and social networking as the iPad has proven its worth as an organizational tool too that helps its users to simplify and manage daily tasks. There [...]

Test Your Parking Prowess With Parking Mania

Parking Mania

Parking Mania is yet another game that will have you practically chained to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for hours upon hours. There are plenty of parking-themed games out there—allowing mobile gamers all around the world to practice and perfect their parking skills without putting real dents on their real cars. However, many of [...]

10 Ways To Legally Download Free Movies Online

Free Movies

Are you a big movie fan but prefers to stay where you are and watch some movie downloads? The net has wide range of good download sites where you can easily update your huge database of personal movie collections through your PC or portable gadgets. But you should watch out some popularly used methods in [...]

Infinity Blade: More Than Just A Breathtaking Adventure

Infinity Blade

Most people think that iPhone games are no more than amusing little apps that keep players occupied while on the go. For more “serious” games, one should turn to the more established handheld game consoles such as Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP—but with the introduction of Infinity Blade, an exciting adventure title from Chair [...]

Cut The Rope: How Good Are You at Solving Puzzles?


Being dubbed as the next Angry Birds, Cut the Rope has proven its worthiness as a very entertaining game. The game skilfully combine, simplicity, puzzle solving and physics play to give you everything you are looking for in an entertaining game. About the Game Already being called as the #1 Game on the iPhone – [...]

Bejeweled for iPhone and iPod Touch: The Jewels Work Their Magic


Bejeweled, one of the most famous games in history has finally made its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Not only is the game available for these devices, it is made available with a few upgrades. The basic game is still there for those who prefer playing the classic game, but more modes have [...]

Angry Birds Rio: Birds On A Rescue Mission

Angry Birds RIo

Angry Birds Rio takes the famous Birds on a mission unlike the rest of the series. In the earlier series, and numerous updates, the Angry Birds were pitted against the equally famous green pigs. Now the series takes on a new twist. Angry Birds Rio was created by developers Rovio Mobile to promote the filmRio. [...]

Plants vs. Zombies: Don’t Get Your Brains Eaten

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants are your only defence against the swarm of zombies heading your way. These aren’t ordinary plants because they have the means to kill zombies. Some plants fire peas that can knock off the heads of the zombies, while others explode and take a bunch of zombies with them. There are also plants that can [...]