Download Trade Nations for the iPhone and Build the Town of Your Dreams

Trade Nations

So you’ve always wanted to establish a thriving city to amass a fortune. Guess what? You can live such dream in Trade Nations straight at your fingertips! Money may not be able to buy you everything you want, but it sure does fuel a lot of productive things like fine-tuning a simple village and make [...]

How To Make Money With Free iPhone Applications

facebook Apps

Giving away free stuff is an age old marketing strategy.  It has been used since the earliest times of sales and it continues to be an effective sales and marketing tool in this age of online commerce and mobile lifestyles.  Thus, it is no surprise that you can indeed make money by giving away free [...]

Crime City: The Closest You Can Get to the Real Thing

iPod Touch crime city

The Crime City app hits a little bit close to the real thing – but this in no way lessens any aspect of the game. All you have to do is stay online, and the Funzio app will keep you abreast of the latest developments in your secret and mobile life of crime. The only [...]

Words with Friends: “Socialize” How Many Points is that?

iPhone Game Words with Friends

Words with Friends is one of the finest social games you can find today. Just don’t make the mistake of calling it scrabble, although it may seem a little similar. In fact, almost everything in the game is similar, other than the technological aspects. One of the good points about the game is that it [...]

Can You Hide iPod Touch & iPhone Apps Without Jailbreaking?

Delete iPhone Apps

Yes you can. But why would you want to do that? Well, aside from the default apps that came with your iPhone or iPod Touch when you purchased it (the ones that you never use) you might have bought a few “embarrassing” applications (yes, there are plenty of those out there) on a whim, and [...]

17 Cool iPad Apps For Developers And Designers

IPad Apps For Web Designers

A well-designed visual is something anyone would not want to miss looking at. Talent can create visually-appealing creations, but no one ever said that you cannot get help from design software and applications. Whether you are a developer or a designer of any sorts, here are some of the coolest iPad applications that you can [...]