30 Best Blackberry Applications For Business Men

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry is not just a mobile phone. It’s a Smartphone and by that it means a Blackberry has the functions of a cellular phone and a PDA all rolled into one and much more! A Blackberry has become a regular “portable” PC with internet connection and mobile phone. While there’s no single definition of a [...]

25 Top Torrent Downloading Sites In 2012


Thanks to BitTorrent or torrent downloading sites, peer-to-peer file sharing has become easier, (and for most of the time) free method to share media files such as movies, music, TV shows, software and even digital books online. The practice of P2P sharing has swept the net and caught on any tech-savvy person that torrent file [...]

How Torrent Music Downloading Works


P2P: an introduction Before we discuss Torrent music downloading, let us first discuss the concept of peer-to-peer or P2P. P2P is a type of computer networking program which lets participants share their files with one another. Participants here are read as nodes. Downloading here is done through several nodes sharing their files rather than through [...]

What Are Royalty Free Music Downloads And Where To Get Them


As a quick definition, “royalty-free music” is music legally bought for a one-time fee, without the need to pay for dues in the future. As such, purchased royalty free music can be used over and over by the purchaser under any circumstance and for an unlimited time in the future. Other websites offer the tracks [...]

Unlimited And Legal Music Sharing With Jamendo


Jamendo is a music-only download site. All the music available for download is completely free and completely legal, covered by any of the six (6) Creative Commons Licenses. The licenses make the download legal and the site provides a global venue for the artists to promote and share their music while protecting their rights. There [...]