10 Utilities to Transfer iPod Music to a Computer or Mac

There are many, many iPod utilities available today that can do almost anything you want to do. How do you know which one to use? The following is a list of just 10 of these iPod utilities. Check each one out and see if one or some of them can possibly work for you.

1. iRipper

This program copies video and music from your iPod to your computer. Very safe to use as it will not touch any files on the iPod. iRipper is very simple and easy to use, and doesn’t need any user training at all. It can be easily adjusted to the users preference but it does not work with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

2. PC iPod

Simple and fast, PC iPod transfers music, videos and e-books from iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer, letting you back up your media files. It also converts audio and video files for your iPod, iPad and iPhone.

3. Floola

FloolaFloola is a freeware cross-platform app. It copies music and videos to and from the iPod to any computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. It is practically a replacement for iTunes that can run from the iPod’s hard drive. It is differentiated from similar apps like YamiPod and vPod which are not cross-platform. Add-on capabilities include managing your music, playlists and artwork. It can find and remove duplicates and plays you iPod music on the computer.

This back and forth transfer capability between iPod and ANY computer takes a simple drag-and-drop, with emphasis on the word ANY. If you have a Mac and your friend a Windows PC, it won’t matter to Floola. Being cross-platform means it lets you put both Windows and Mac versions of Floola on your iPod and proceed to add songs on your iPod from either PC.

4. Senuti

SenutiSenuti is a Mac OS X-only freeware which integrates with your existing iTunes library to extract music from your iPod especially for songs that aren’t already in your iTunes library. Senuti was updated to work with Leopard, and has since improved its interface from when it first came out.

Most useful is the new “blue dot”, indicating whether the song being transferred from your iPod is already in your iTunes library. It’s perfect for transferring songs from somebody else’s iPod since you are sure not to get any duplicates.

5. iPod -> Folder

This freeware is for Windows and Mac OS X only. It lets users do a very simple full backup of their iPod on any Windows or Mac PC. Compared to other iPod backup methods, iPod -> Folder is set apart from the rest by its sheer simplicity aside from being compatible with Windows and Mac. A slight disadvantage however is that it cannot do a selective backup, so it’s either all or nothing.

6. iPod Access for Windows PC

For music and video transfer from iPod to a Windows PC, this transfer app gives you instant access to all the songs in your iPhone or iPod. Other transfer utilities actually have to get the ID3 tag information by opening every music file. iPod Access uses the iPod’s own internal database to display the contents of the iPod almost instantly.

With the instant search function and a simple user interface like song filtering, you can display and sort your songs whichever way you want (by Artist/Album or by Composer/Album) so it’s easy to find the ones you want the moment you want them. There is also the iPod Access for Mac OS X, which does all the same cool things as the Windows version.

7. TuneJack

If you are looking for a simple iPod utility that you can use to recover songs from your iPod to your PC, the TuneJack just might be the one for you. It doesn’t have the wow factor that PodPlus has but it gets the job done. It will even tell you what to do. Simply start it up and wait until it tells you to connect to the iPod, which of course you will do.

TuneJack will detect the iPod, you will click on a single button to begin the process and TuneJack will go right ahead and copy any song on the iPod to your PC. If you tell it to transfer songs to iTunes, it will know which songs are already there and not copy those. It will do the same for playlists and update them, too. If there are songs on the iPod that should be in your iTunes playlists but are not, it will update those playlists.

A very noteworthy feature of TuneJack is that it temporarily disables iTunes so that you don’t lose songs in your iPod. You see, iTunes will always keep your iPod in sync with itself, so if you’ve lost some of your songs in iTunes but they are in your iPod, when iTunes syncs with your iPod the next time, it will delete those songs from your iPod. With TuneJack, the songs in you iPod are safe.

8. Virtual iPod

Nicknamed vPod, this is the next best thing to iPod! It’s easy to lose your teeny weeny little iPod, considering you bring it with you anywhere. So what happens to your precious collection of songs? You would lose them all, too unless you have Virtual iPod. It’s simple really. Just backup your videos and music to your hard disk before leaving your house for the day. Whatever happens to your iPod, you would at least still have your entire music library seating at home. With vPod, you can manage your backups. Each vPod can store unlimited playlists, and you can create as many vPods in your hard disk or across your network as you want.

9. xPort

For a truly efficient backup tool for your iPod, xPort is a good choice. It lets you export songs from your iPod to your computer without losing rating. xPort recognizes playlists, and the transfer is done within a few clicks. This program creates an internal list that contains the songs you want to transfer. A lyrics search is included, which can make a text listing of your database, making it possible for you to build m3u playlists. xPort supports all file formats and is compatible with all iPods.

10. PCHand iTransfer 1.0.0

This transfer and backup tool is excellent! It combines iPad Transfer, iPod Transfer and iPhone iTransfer. It can fast transfer and copy music, videos, TV shows, movies and podcast from iPod, iPad and iPhone to your computer. It can also backup the contents of your iPod, iPad or iPhone to iTunes. It works with everything from iPad, iPhone, iOS4, iPhone 4, all iPods and iTunes 10.

These iPod utilities may sound all the same at first glance after all they all transfer music from iPod to either Windows or Mac or both, but if you take the time to read up on each one, you will find minute differences that just might make up your mind. So how about actually trying a few?

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